Wordless Wotan’s Day: 2014/07/23

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Fractal of the Week: a gift 4 @Uncomprehendme

With this edition, I’m releasing an image suitable for wall hanging for a friend of mine on Twitter, Kari, whose blog of awesome poetry and observations is at Kari’s 10 Words. The file’s full size is at 4320 x 2592 pixels. This is necessary because uploading it through social media has proven ineffective in preserving the original file size. Here we go… *tentacles crossed*


The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup: 2014/07/20

It’s good to be back to blogging. After a week without it, I got a lot more done on my schedule than I otherwise might. I ended the social media part of my break just this last Thursday, a couple of days early, I know, but necessary to keep from isolating myself socially while otherwise alone with family and cats.

The appointment this Wednesday went well, and I’ll be going back in two months rather than just one. That’s a good thing. I’ve worked out a couple of further posting changes to this site. The installments ‘Fractals of the Week’ and ‘Wordless Wotan’s Day’ will be posted, alternately or both, on Wednesday, freeing me to more officially join The True Book Addict for Cat Thursday.

I’m bringing back Friga’s Day Fiction, and will be picking up where I left off on the unfinished storyline of ninja Sergei Romanova’s solo adventures. Afterward, the installment will feature my current character for a different campaign setting, neurosurgeon, military veteran, and paranormal investigator Frankie Novella.

I’ve completed the Tools of Thinking series of lectures, and am now viewing a series of 36 half-hour lectures on political theory and its practice across history, from ancient to modern times. All considered it’s quite good. The lecturer is Professor Lawrence Cahoone, and he’s been instrumental in debunking a few myths I’ve been harboring. That doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, but it’s good when it does!

Now that I’m back to blogging, I’m already bookmarking and scheduling material for most of my blogs, including my non-WordPress sites. I’ll use written posts where necessary, including this Monday’s “Indra’s Pearls” ongoing review series on the Algorithm, and may mix things up a bit between written and video posts.

Here is the link to my new hub page for all my sites, The Unspeakable Blogs: a hub for eldritch websites. It will be posted also to my social media outlets.

I also decided to reinstall Talking Tom, as an assist as a learning tool to increase the desirable difficulty level of my study sessions, interleaved with the material being studied with both actual and virtual flashcards. Should be cool. Let’s see how far I get with this…

As I posted not once on any of my blogs after last Sunday, I’m instead featuring The Other Blogs posted during last week, news items and weird things, and a video by Weird Al Yankovic with delightfully skeptical topic matter, below. So, on with the Roundup, and may you all have a fantastic week ahead!

The Other Blogs

The Odd, the Gnuz & the Sciencey

xkcd: Actors

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“Weird Al” Yankovic: FOIL

The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup: 2014/07/13

Neil deGrasse Tyson addresses the CAISE Summit.

Neil deGrasse Tyson addresses the CAISE Summit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The last week was a good week for blogging, good for testing my limits in posting. It was made both possible and worthwhile in that I had both the time available and the material to post on, and of course, you awesomositous people. I’m going on a social media and blogging break after today until next Sunday. I’ve study this week, plus an appointment to take care of, but I’ll be catching up with you all when I’m back. I’ll continue to respond to direct emails and private messaging from 0:00 Monday onward, but no posting otherwise.

Update: I’ve decided qua last week’s edition of this entry that I will continue blogging on weekends, except during weekends following break periods of up to a week or more. This means that there will be no entries posted this next Caturday, and none of the regular, semiregular, or fortnightly posts at least until next Sunday. I intend to post the Indra’s Pearls entry on next week’s Monday, though, and this week should give me ample preparation.

See you next Sunday!

The Blogs

The Other Blogs

The Odd, the Gnuz & the Sciencey

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Ruins Your Zombie Fantasies Forever

We live in an imperfect world…

Originally posted on Checkerboards of The Gods:

Los Desastres de la Guerra is a set of 80 aqua...

Los Desastres de la Guerra is a set of 80 aquatint prints created by Francisco Goya in the 1810s. Plate 9: No quieren. (They do not want to. ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If wishing made something so, if desire by itself granted its object, then no hope, no desire, no wish, no prayer to a deity would ever go unfulfilled, and words for ‘disappointment’ or ‘rejection’ wouldn’t exist in the vocabulary of any language, for no love would be unrequited, and no personal nor conspiratorial plans would ever fail.


All would be perfect in the world. Everything would run smoothly, just like we want it to. But that is not what we see. It does not appear, as far as any real evidence shows, that there is anyone at all fully running or orchestrating this whole mess we call a world. Disappointment is frequent, faith unrewarded, our hopes often…

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