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A Query of Sources

Last night I spent a little time on something I have needed to do more of, oddly enough: Watching television — but not the sort of far too popular commercial network nonsense on the telly — I managed to get a little culture on through PBS by viewing the stellar performance of the stunningly beautiful lead actress, and her co-performers, of the opera Carmen, the title character being a willful Gypsy woman who is forced in the second half of the production to make a serious choice of who she is to love and who to betray when she plays with the hearts of just one man too many.

The chemistry…and the vocals, between her and the lead actor were just way too good, but then they have performed their roles together for a while now — nothing unexpected to be noted there — like in a bad game of Dungeons & Dragons crossed with Star Wars, there’s the line “These aren’t the druids we’re looking for… Move along, citizen…”


Anyhoo, it was a brilliant performance by all concerned, and well-worth the time spent watching it.

My recommendation: See it yourself – no spoilers here…

Now that I have a little more time on my hands for it, since life issues both allow and require that I spend more time at home, I’ll be getting myself accustomed to regular viewing, opening yet another source for ideas that I really need to exploit to the fullest — but not on mindless crap — on those programs that can actually add something worthwhile to my growth as person first, writer and student second, skeptic third, and blogger last.

And so today’s question is this:

What source of ideas for…whatever you use them for…do you think that you do not fully make use of? Why?

Solar eclipse seen by NASA’s STEREO spacecraft

This is a quick one, only a few seconds long…but the view! Outstanding, BA!

TheBadAstronomer | December 11, 2007

The NASA STEREO spacecraft sees the disk of the Moon pass in front of the Sun in a view never seen before by human eyes — in solar eclipses seen on Earth, the Moon and Sun are roughly the same size.

I picked this as one of the Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2007.


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