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Monarchs of Scotland Part I (by =^skeptic cat^=)

House of Alpin (848–1034)

The House of Alpin is something of a modern construction named for the Pictish King Alpín mac Echdach and does not really represent a dynastic succession of undisputed monarchs as the term “Royal House” would normally imply. Rather, in these early times the ancient, Celtic, system for passing on titles and and estates known as Tanistry allowed a given office holder to choose a “Tanist” or chief lieutenant among those of the blood royal to whom estates and titles would be willed or in the case of the Crown the Tanist was to be elected by the elders of the Royal Family. This was to avoid “boy-Kings” at a time when few men lived long enough to see their sons reach adulthood but what we now call the House of Alpin split into two factions and, by agreement, the Crown would alternate between the two branches. This would result in assassination after assassination until King Malcolm II obliterated the rival branch of the family to his own, with unusual brutality…

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