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Monarchy of Scotland Part II (by =^skeptic cat^=)

House of Dunkeld, 1034–1286

The House of Dunkeld is named for Crínán of Dunkeld who was the Lay Abbot of of the diocese of Dunkeld and the spouse of Bethoc, daughter of King Malcolm II. With the Marriage of King Malcolm III to the Saxon Princess Saint Margaret, granddaughter of the English King Edmund II, the Scottish royal court would become more Anglicized, including the important change in the rules of inheritance abolishing the Celtic Tanistry System in favor of Patrilineality, and with the marriage of King Alexander I to Sybilla de Normandy, daughter of the Norman King of England Henry I, the Kingdom would become a good deal more “Frankish” importing Feudal Law and allowing the migration of many Anglo-Norman Lords who would rival the crown in wealth but whose loyalties were often divided between Scotland and England…

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