I Felt the Earth Move Under my Feet…

Earthquake Richter Scale

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In a slight rephrasing of an old Carole King song from the 1970s, that’s a good formulation of what happened earlier yesterday — while at the library at the time, I felt the building shake from the first quake I’ve experienced in many years — a 5.9 on the Richter scale quake, to be exact.

At first thinking it might be the effects of a powerful explosion in the vicinity, I found out only minutes later, after one of my friends somehow managed to contact me by cell, the true nature of what had happened.

It seemed as though, especially just after it, getting calls out by cell-phone was highly problematic, and I was lucky that someone was able to contact me first… That suspicion has since been confirmed.

All in all I found it rather neat, save for the damage that had been done nearer to the epicenter of the quake.

It was the most powerful quake on record in Virginia.

Fortunately, none of the local nuclear power plants experienced any mishaps like the tragedy at Fukushima, Japan, so that was a big relief.

And to think, all this before the hurricane scheduled to come ashore this weekend — not a happy situation, but nonetheless interesting.

A couple of news pages, [Here] and [Here] give a good rundown on specifics, with a video embedded from Phil Plait‘s YouTube channel of sensor readings of the seismic waves rippling across the US from my home state of Virginia presented below:

Thanks, Phil.

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  1. Thanks for the pingback!

    I heard a rumor that they had to shut down a nuclear reactor in Virginia, which may be why there were no (as yet known) issues like there were in Fukushima.


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