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TED – William Noel: Revealing the lost codex of Archimedes

It takes a powerful method, the use of a particle accelerator in this case, to restore a millennia-old manuscript by Archimedes, his codex “C,” which has been erased, cut up, written over and painted on by medieval scribes. This book contains original works by ancient authors, previously hidden by its co-opting as a Byzantine prayer-book, and ancient books curator William Noel tells its fascinating story.

‘Morality: From the Heavens or From Nature?’ by Dr. Andy Thomson, AAI 2009 [51:50]


Fractals of the Midweek: Logarhite + Signet Red

All images in this post are original works by the author, and are copyright 2012 Troy Loy

TED – Lucy McRae: How can technology transform the human body?

Full Length Talk by Daniel Dennett – ‘How To Tell You’re An Atheist’


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