Fractals of the Week: City of Glass 2, Project’s Ends

Good evening. With this post, I’m finishing two projects, the second City of Glass, and my task over the previous couple of weeks in taking and making notes from a set of lectures from the Teaching Company course ‘Philosopher’s Toolkit.’ I’ll be typing those into Evernote over the weekend, and engaging in related tasks over the next few weeks as well, including a workshop from lecture #8 in the series. I’ll have to arrange things with @Ravenpenny for that soon. Maybe later tonight on FB. I simply must get more of my projects under my proverbial belt!

So, here are this week’s images, all ready for enbiggening…

'A little beady thing'

‘A little beady thing’

Infinite Ursine

Infinite Ursine

Gothic Blue

Gothic Blue



All JPEG, PNG & GIF images in this post are original works by the author,created by

way of  Mandelbulber, Fractal Domains, Ultra Fractal , and Mandelbulb 3D and are copyright 2014 by Troy Loy.

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About Troythulu

I seek to learn through this site and others how to better my ability as a person and my skill at using my reason and understanding to best effect. I do fractal artwork as a hobby, and I'm working to develop it to professional levels, though I've a bit to go till I reach that degree of skill! This is a crazy world we're in, but maybe I can do a little, if only that, to make it a bit more sane than it otherwise would be.

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  1. I can’t help but wonder as I look at your amazing pics, what would happen if you could build a sound transducer with these shapes… would one of them be the _perfect_ shape for sonar for robot cars, and other questions along those lines.


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