Fractals of the Week: Throwback Thursday Edition

G’day. Here it is, the 5th day of my fractal break. I’m viewing and reading long-unexploited tutorials for all of my fractal apps, and plan on playing with my own fractal formulas this Sunday with UF5 when the break is over. This week features some of my earlier images that for whatever reason never made it onto this site, older, but hopefully better for it despite their age. This hiatus has proven tremendously useful in realigning perspective and breaking old habits of thought. Once I get the hang of writing my own formulas, I’ll be posting some of the better playthings here and on other venues.

Talotaa frang.


All JPEG, PNG & GIF images in this post are original works by the author, created by way of  Mandelbulber, Fractal Domains, Ultra Fractal , and Mandelbulb 3D and are copyright 2014 by Troy Loy.

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About Troy Loy

I seek to learn through this site and others how to better my ability as a person and my skill at using my reason and understanding to best effect. I do fractal artwork as a hobby, and I'm working to develop it to professional levels, though I've a bit to go till I reach that degree of skill! This is a crazy world we're in, but maybe I can do a little, if only that, to make it a bit more sane than it otherwise would be.

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  1. fabulous fractals and posts Troy!


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