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We live in an imperfect world…

Originally posted on Checkerboards of The Gods:

Los Desastres de la Guerra is a set of 80 aqua...

Los Desastres de la Guerra is a set of 80 aquatint prints created by Francisco Goya in the 1810s. Plate 9: No quieren. (They do not want to. ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If wishing made something so, if desire by itself granted its object, then no hope, no desire, no wish, no prayer to a deity would ever go unfulfilled, and words for ‘disappointment’ or ‘rejection’ wouldn’t exist in the vocabulary of any language, for no love would be unrequited, and no personal nor conspiratorial plans would ever fail.


All would be perfect in the world. Everything would run smoothly, just like we want it to. But that is not what we see. It does not appear, as far as any real evidence shows, that there is anyone at all fully running or orchestrating this whole mess we call a world. Disappointment is frequent, faith unrewarded, our hopes often…

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Indra’s Pearls: A Mathematical Adventure, Entry 2

Originally posted on The Impudent Algorithm:

Indra's Pearls (book)

Indra’s Pearls (book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This fortnight, we move onto chapter 5 of Indra’s Pearls: The Vision of Felix Klein, “Fractal dust and infinite words.” What’s fractal dust? And what the bloomin’ heck is an infinite word?

Both are dealt with in detail in this chapter, and I give a taste of that below. I do hope I don’t frighten anyone away with what follows, but in my experience there’s a lot of native intelligence in denizens of the internet, and I’ve little doubt that many readers will have better knowledge of this area of math than I!

The first, rather picturesque phrase comes from Benoit Mandelbrot, discoverer of the famous mathematical set bearing his name, who also coined the word ‘fractal,’ and popularized fractal geometry in the latter half of the twentieth century…

Fractal dust refers to what is known as the limit point, also called

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bad bargain

Originally posted on Realm of Empress Musie:

snakedemon 6.3.13

I bought this guy
sleeping beside me
snoring like trumpet
paid a whole lot of money
and jewels, gifts for his folks
but he treats me like a dog
I work from dawn till late at night
and all he and his folks do
is find faults in my looks
and my works and everything else
that is somehow related to me
things may take a worse turn
if the being inside my womb
turns out to be their third
female girlchild
I guess I bought the wrong slave..

sign 16.2.14 SM

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Eldritch Nine: The Quantum Absurdity

Originally posted on The Hypershard Dispatches:

Vampyroteuthis infernalis arms

Vampyroteuthis infernalis arms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of all the Nine who are One, there is perhaps none less abiding by the normal rules of the physical universe and sensible biology than the Quantum Absurdity. A powerful being capable of controlling nuclear binding forces and atomic particle decay, the Absurdity appears to be a cross between a giant tardigrade, a vampire squid, a sea jelly, and a mass of crystaline matter connected like giant neurons with synapse-like tendrils.

These tendrils sport mouths with disturbingly humanlike teeth, though a closer look would reveal that they are all molars, lacking incisors and canines. The Absurdity is the sole survivor of a species of aggressive, intelligent herbivores.

Unfortunately, it is not just, well, absurd-looking, but insane. Its species, vaguely resembling the humans of billions of years hence, was destroyed in the transformation of the Absurdity into an almost immortal monstrosity and cosmic being…

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