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The Jagged Little Form – Intense Fractal Art from Troythulu!

Originally posted on Optimal Human Modulation:

Troythulu Title“I’m a carbon-based bio-organism belonging to a particularly powerful and potentially self-destructive species native to a speck of dirt orbiting an average but temperamental yellow star in a backwater spiral arm of an insignificant galaxy.” – Troythulu

Several years ago, experienced an amazing episode of NOVA on PBS titled Fractals: The Hidden DimensionIt led to new and profound ways of seeing the world around me. The “jagged little form” is all pervasive, permeating realms from nature to film to telecommunications.

A downside I’ve come to discover is that when the term “fractal” is in any way connected with the term “art”, it usually just means hippy.

I’m live and let live, and tend to agree with any philosophy based on love, but the whole tie-dye, patchouli-infused aesthetic is not a paradigm my mind appreciates. I lean more towards the Cyber/Decopunk/Post-Apocalyptic/Subversive/Surreal

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Wordless Wotan’s Day: 2014.11.12


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