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The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup: 2014/04/14

English: A photograph of Juliet Landau

English: A photograph of Juliet Landau (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

G’day. This week, I’m posting this for Monday, as I’ve been busy this last week on lectures and both note-taking and note-making. This means that this week, posting with be slowed somewhat, and dependent on schedule and opportunity.

Learning means a lot to me, and I’m currently viewing a Teaching Company course titled ‘The Philosopher’s Toolkit.’ I’d suggest checking it out via websearch if you’re curious. It’s good so far, and this particular project began on Friday, to be continued till I’ve taken and made notes for all 24 lectures. I’ll post a review of this at some point, but I’ll be moving on to other courses when I’m finished with this one.

This means I’ll be posting less on this blog’s regular or semi-regular features, and a more on spending my blogging time with updating pages and older post maintainence/recycling rather than new post creation. I’ll continue projects as needed, of course, and during this time will also be looking to post installments of my currently 7,000 word short fiction as blog entries on Friday in serial form, adding to it, and posting each as it is finished.

I hope you like it. Thanks to @Ravenpenny for the initial proofing of it, and the time spent till seeing it again with fresh eyes!

So I may post only twice per week or so until I’m finished with my course materials and other projects currently underway. I’m also going to start promoting my posts and more on my various social media outlets, even as I’m a little uncomfortable doing that. I’ll continue promoting my peeps’ stuff, of course.

This blog’s ‘projects’ page will be updated, as will the site’s ‘about’ page.

A while back, a Twitter fellow of mine had offered awhile back to set up a Zazzle store account on my behalf, and while I don’t object to doing things in return, I’ve not made moves to seal the deal because I realize I’d never have time for doing what I am and actually using the Zazzle store.

Having poked around a bit, I noticed that I’d take so much time making and selling product on the store that I’d have little for doing much of anything else, even as useful a source of income as that would be. Not much time for blogging, study, making new fractal images, and all else that goes on in my daily routine.

I’ll be updating the installment titles of some of the current regular and seni-regular features on this site as needed, and others will remain, as with this feature, as-is. I’ll update you on which those will be.

There will also be library time this and the next few weeks, plus time spent working on techniques for managing distraction, a recurrent problem for many with my disorder, but which can be alleviated with practice.

So, here are the links…

Talotaa frang.

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Weekly Video

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The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup: 2014/03/16

tyson-nyeG’day, and happy Sunday. I sit here mysteriously unassailed by my cats, no kitty noses in my face, no paws silently inching their way across my keyboard, and nary the sight of furry bodies drapped loudly purring across the desk behind my laptop…

This last week marks the first rather halting attempt to make animations of my fractals, using Mandelbulber and iMovie. While I’m far from pleased with the result, it lays the groundwork of understanding to do it better next time. I know what settings will be needed to generate the still frames, and the settings in the editing software to make the frames into a video short, and so on. Once I get results that I hate less, I’ll post them on my YouTube channel. I’ve been waiting for a while to get to this point.

I’ve yet to name my series of blog posts dealing with the details of argumentation (not the rancorous and quarrelsome kind). I’m not going to call it ‘project reason’ as that’s already taken by Sam Harris, and ‘project argumentation’ just sounds lame.

I’m not including the weekly stats for this blog on this post anymore; That is now dealt with monthly on this blog’s newly updated page ‘About This Blog & Myself.‘ It also has my rules for blog comments, transparency with you, my readers, in any business dealings I may do on any of my blogs, including book and service reviews and product promotions. This blog I’ve yet to use for business: It’s mostly for fun, which is one reason I’ve bought off ads showing or getting revenues from it of my own.

I’ve compiled a list on Evernote on the URLs of my fiction installments posted on this blog, and I’ll post them all on their own page on this and other of my blogs.

This is sort of a spring break for me, so I’m officially off study, even though I’ll continue working on notes and study materials in my spare time, and catching up on blog projects, whatever names I’ll give them.

This week is a special tribute to some of the blogs I follow, and I include links to their posts here. Do check out their sites and enjoy their posts. They are to me, very cool, and very special people.

My Weekly Blogs Roundup

Roundup of The Other Blogs

The Odd, the Strange & the Sciencey


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The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup: 2014/02/23

Reason [Explored]

Reason [Explored] (Photo credit: Rickydavid)

G’day, and happy Sunday! This last week was quite the productive one for me. I’ve finished the series of images I’m using for the deck plan layout of a fiction spacecraft I’m designing, using fractals, layer upon layer of of alien starship innards stripped away digitally, with the results placed in their own folder for reference when I begin hand-drawing each level down to the core of the vessel.

I’ve collected a grunchload of online debates and will be going through them, transcribing them to let me better analyze and evaluate the arguments of both sides, which will be quite fun. I’ve an idea in mind for infographics or even silly memes for the fallacies and rhetorical flourishes used in these discussions, and to get a feel for the style each arguer uses to make their point.

No gaming this last week, but I had a blast at the library, using the iPad as both reading tool and web portal, and used Siri for the first time as well.

Mister Eccles has discovered the fun of knocking my Macbook off of the desk as a way of getting my attention, but I’ve fixed his little glossy-furred mischief-making self by putting it in a less tempting spot on the desk at night — problem solved, at least for now. Mister Eccles, you clever beast…

I’ve finally got more virus protection for the Macbook; Avast, and installed the new rbutr plugin for Firefox. With all of the plugins I currently have, my browser window is starting to look like a holiday tree well past its proper season!

You’ve probably noticed the lack of a fiction post this week. I want to wrap up the current storyline, but to avoid a rush job, so I’ll be working on it from this evening through Thursday night, and I’ll need to have it proofread, edited and revised before posting it for Friday morning. I’ve noticed in hindsight problems with the earlier installments in this series, and have decided that not having an editor’s assistance would be idiotic.

I’ve a long term project for this site, and maybe its sister blogs as well; to do a series of posts on patterns of reasoning common in everyday conversational argumentation and even in sturctured debates.

A good point can be made that much of academic logic often ignores ordinary human reasoning, that logic is not good as a descriptive account of how we think, and to miss this point is foolish. Agreed. All well and good.

I’ll grant that ordinary human reasoning is different from structured reasoning, but I’ll add that the whole point of logic, formal and informal alike, is both to understand how we do reason, and to improve on that by providing normative goals for how we should reason.

The gulf between trained and untrained reason becomes obvious when you consider how easily we are swayed by emotional appeals and other fallacies. It’s one major reason why idiots get voted into office by relatively smart people — relatively smart, but rhetorically clueless peeps who miss the cues that might alert them to shenanigans in political campaign ads.

Living one’s life unprotected from specious arguments can cost you money, health, or political disenfranchisement, even your life, an easy victim to any charlatan who comes along.

Something needs to be done about that, hence this project.

First, I’m limiting myself to informal logic, not the symbolic sort, in which the richness of language becomes part of the argument’s content, not content-neutral or easily reducible to formal notation.

As I have said several months back, I won’t be addressing logical/rhetorical fallacies directly, not in their own posts anymore, as it’s counterproductive. That approach is incomplete.

Instead, it will be done within the context of a complete reasoning pattern, both informally valid or invalid as the case may be, and what tests arguments using these patterns should be subjected to to pass muster as good argument, and so be convincing or persuasive to a reasonable, critically-minded listener.

I’ll start first with basic reasoning patterns, then move onto hybrid patterns, with strategies for language, style, and options for argument attack and defense. Finally, I want to conclude the project with posts on the different areas of life we use argumentation in, and its ultimate ends.

Should be fun.

I’ll be taking a posting break for this Monday and Tuesday, but will be back with this week’s Wordless Wotan’s Day, as it looks like Ragnarok this weekend is a bust. You’d think we’d learn our lesson in failed End of the World™ predictions after the Maya laughed at us stupid Westerners in 2012.


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The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup: 2014/02/16

Part of Image:Planetary society.jpg Original c...

Part of Image:Planetary society.jpg Original caption: “Founding of the Planetary Society Carl Sagan, Bruce Murray and Louis Friedman, the founders of The Planetary Society at the time of signing the papers formally incorporating the organization. The fourth person is Harry Ashmore, an advisor, who greatly helped in the founding of the Society. Ashmore was a Pulitizer Prize winning journalist and leader in the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s and 1970s.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

G’day, and happy Sunday! This last week, two big things happened:

First, I finally got to game again, and was able to give my old 2007 iMac to Christopher, over at Ravens ‘N Pennies, who decided it would make a good media center with it’s large monitor screen, and fair sound system. Second, it was the second week in a row that I’ve been able to blog thoughout the week on my new blogging protocol and still get things done.


There were pictures and videos taken during a walk on the beach this Friday, and some of those will make it to this weeks installment of Wordless Wotan’s Day. Ye Greate Olde Ones, I love my iPad… but enough of that for now. There will be more walking outside when the weather gets a little less chilly… *tentacles metaphorically crossed*

I found out that one of my friends, Carl, from over at Virginian Opinions, had been diagnosed with an unpleasant visitor of the carcinomic sort, and has recently undergone surgery to have it expelled.

Here’s hoping he recovers fully soon, without any recurrence, but one never knows. He’s been lucky to get this caught so early.

I’m currently on a project for creating a set of deckplans for a starship owned by one of my old SF villains, using a modified Mandelbox as a sort of biological cube. This coming Thursday I’ll post the results of the project, with the sliced images I’ll be using to draw the deckplans by hand. Should be a good opportunity to practice and try out my sketch tablet and software on the laptop.

I’ll also be doing more memes, and have posted two in the last week, both included with this post’s blog links. Whatever hemisphere you’re on, stay warm or cool as the case may be, and I’ll be back with Monday’s post, barring any weirdness.

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The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup: 2014/02/09



This post sees the return of the site’s weekly updates and link roundup of personal blogs, favorite blogs by others, personal commentary, news items, and site statistical notes, all with a video or two.

I’ve moved the publishing of this post to Sunday, covering things going back to the full week prior, and with the new draft saving/updating/editing/queueing/publishing schedule I’m on, this should pop up on line more regularly, now that getting it ready for posting in time is less of a problem.

I’ll keep the dating and formatting conventions begun in this entry with all others in the series — YY/MM/DD as well as header formatting — as this seems more logical to me than others.

So, on with what’s up!

So here I am, in that deepest dungeon I call my bedroom, fake thunderclaps booming over the speakers with equally fake lightning flashing in an unconvincingly CGI’ed stormy night, punctuated by the unpersuasively piteous feeding ploys of already excessively well-fed cats.

The week has gone well, with a mix of blogging, reading, study, and general daily routine proving productive. I’ve already retired my old 2007 iMac, no longer registered in my name after wiping the drive at the highest possible level of efficiency and then reinstalling the basic OS while setting it up for its new owner, Christopher Rice, my buddy @Ravenpenny. I credit the success of that effort to my friends on Twitter, and an adequate skill at following directions provided on an archived tutorial.

It is ready for its new owner, unsullied by old, corrupted files and useless apps.

Willow the pillow, our new Queen of teh Fluffehs, has been loving it at her new home with my dad, where no other cats may arouse her ire. Technically, my parents have joint custody of her, but she feels so much better without other cats around, so will only be staying with the boys, Gorgeous, and me when dad’s away. Coolness.

Below are the links and vids for this post, with, this time, a minimalist approach to additional commentary. That will vary with each installment in this series.

I hope you find them interesting. Good morning, and good night. Enjoy the start of a new week — here are the high points, low points, and weird points of the previous:

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Thanks, to all of the keen-eyed peerers, fellow bloggers, and others in the SM community who make blogging worth it!


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