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Meat Virus Fractal [animation] & Fractal Dreams

via Jan-Robert Nergård

I’m going to plug a book by my friend Janet Russell, AKA BuddhaKat: Fractal Dreams, collecting some of her exceedingly cool fractals, with a few shown below as a slideshow. Check out her blog, here:

via RedmundPro

Arguing with Ghosts — by QualiaSoup [Repost]

Hell: an excessive punishment — by QualiaSoup [Repost]

In the beginning, God created injustice — by QualiaSoup [Repost]

Magnificent! The Known Universe by AMNH… [Repost]

This is the simulator done by the American Museum of Natural History, in conjunction with the world-wide work of many others.

It is an outstanding example of multinational academic cooperation, and to me brings hope for our future as a species, however precarious that may be for the next century or two.

Things like this are reasons why I consider myself a citizen of the Earth, not just of a single nation.


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