2 thoughts on “The Skeptic’s Guide: Fake Alien Video”

  1. Troy,

    This video is proof that an alien was outside the guy’s bedroom window. Why would a skeptic post this proof on their site?

    Ha Ha! I see your other blog is defunct?

    P.S.: There’s a ton of skeptics on Stickam: http://stickam.com/directspirit

    We’re having a philosophy discussion every Saturday night. (I use the word “philosophy” lightly, it depends on the composition of the room).


    1. Hi Aliman,
      Yes, my old blog is no more. I no longer posted regularly on it, as I chose to focus on this one. I was spending too much time “tweaking” it and decided it was just extra baggage. Also, I wanted to rid myself of the problem of excessive cross-posting of material between this site and the old one, by eliminating the source of the problem. Most of the posts on it I grew tired of anyway since they didn’t fit my current views, and I can do much better than that anyway with what I know now. Thanks for the link, I’ll be checking it out.


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