Michael Shermer: Out of Body Experiment


One thought on “Michael Shermer: Out of Body Experiment”

  1. The fact that the brain received magnetic fields does not proved that the brain “created the experiences”.
    Our soul receives physical imput through our senses and the brain. It is logical that our soul reacts to the magnetic input.
    This experiment does not prove that the brain can cause our soul to be on another country instantaneously, telepathy, etc.
    It’s like saying “by typing in the keyboard of this computer I conclude that the keyboard is responsible to make me go to any website in the internet.”

    Besides, there is a huge physical evidence of existance of ghosts (is that caused by our brains too?). Are the brains of animals useless? Only ours are good?

    We are not a physical body, we are powerful “energy” beings connected in a huge multidimensional/multiuniverse network that some people call “God”.

    Claudio Soprano (soprano.com), and OBE traveler like everybody else (with different “awareness/focus levels”, that’s it).


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