Interview with an Alien

What can I say? I got bored when I couldn’t get to sleep till late this morning. Anyhoo, here’s a little fiction I thought to post…LOL…

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, your roving reporter Jon Kameron Kameron brings you an interview with Freedom City’s favorite alien halfwit, AND the nicest, coolest defective clone of an evil alien tyrant you’ll ever meet, the Mighty Gr’ozz!”

Camera pans to Gr’ozz, his nine-foot tall, thousand-pound scaly form perched upon a titanium-steel recliner, with an oddly relaxed demeanor considering the rough week, his horns freshly burnished just for the interview. His bass voice both rasps and rumbles when he says, “Me Gr’ozz am happy to talk tonight, though had rough day fighting villains earlier. Got to give bad guys my present though.”

At the word present, he waves his left hand, a spiked mace of biokinetically sculpted bone, also burnished for this appearance. Kameron Kameron asks, “Mr. Gr’ozz, could you tell our viewers a little something about yourself, maybe give a little self-description?”

Gr’ozz leans a little closer to the outstretched microphone, and says, “Me Gr’ozz am strong like elephant, smart like rock, and wise like zen master…whatever that is.” Kameron Kameron asks, “Ah, yes, Mr. Gr’ozz, could you explain that part about rocks to our viewers?…” He looks a bit nervous as he continues, “…I’m sure there most be some deeper meaning to that.”

Gr’ozz smiles, reptilian teeth showing as he rumbles, “Sure. Rocks are smartest things there are…keep many secrets…never tell anyone.” Gr’ozz continues, “Me Gr’ozz am here on Earth to protect humans. Gr’ozz like humans, they not hunt and hound Gr’ozz like Bad Men do.”

Feeling a bit more at ease with a delicate situation averted, Kameron Kameron asks, “Yes, Mr. Gr’ozz, could you describe these ‘Bad Men’ you refer to?” to which Gr’ozz replies, “Sure thing. Bad Men not from Earth…They look like Gr’ozz, but short, shorter than humans…and not have mace-fist like Gr’ozz…also not as handsome…Gr’ozz will smash Bad Men if they try to hurt humans.”

Suddenly, a siren sounds in the distance, and Gr’ozz leaps from the recliner, alert but controlled, as his voice raises by several decibels as he growls, “Must go! Gr’ozz is needed. There are Bad Men to smash!” His dinosaurian tail slowly wags from side to side in content anticipation of combat as he heads for the exit, his heavily-muscled form seeming to fill it as he leaves.

The camera pans back to our reporter as he says, “Well, it looks like our hero is once again called to duty, and this concludes our interview for tonight. This is Jon Kameron Kameron signing off and returning you to your regularly scheduled programming stream for FCN News Online. Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening as the case may be.”


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