Doctor Who? Exactly…

Here’s an interview with Doctor Who’s Steve Moffat, on the new series starring the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, and the vision charted for the show. This new Doctor may be every bit as dark as Chris Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor, and it looks like the idea of a ‘dark faerie tale’ will make the show very interesting indeed. I look forward to seeing the new episodes when I can get hold of them in the States. Who would have though the series would grow the way it has since it’s resurrection in 2005…

Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat: the io9 Interview

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I seek to learn through this site and others how to better my ability as a person and my skill at using my reason and understanding to best effect. I do fractal artwork as a hobby, and I'm working to develop it to professional levels, though I've a bit to go till I reach that degree of skill! This is a crazy world we're in, but maybe I can do a little, if only that, to make it a bit more sane than it otherwise would be.

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  1. Is it a renewal, a change of appearance, reincarnation? What does it mean when the Doctor Regenerates? Read more in my blog. (if you already read it on my secondary blog site, there are some additions.)

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  2. Searching for ways for people to consider a visit to their “Local Doctor” as a part of their new year’s resolution. January is probably the most important month to get people excited about changes in their life. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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