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Liam Neeson — Count to Twenty

This is kinda cute…

TNQ | Today’s Noontide Query

I listen to a lot of music while posting on this blog. Hell, right now I’m listening to Seal…

Sometimes I’ll listen to Enya, Enigma, or my hip-hop favorites, Greydon Square’s two albums, The Compton Effect and The CPT Theorem. His stuff usually gets parts of my brain working that I don’t normally use when listening to music, but it’s all good…

Sometimes I’ll listen to classical composers’ stuff, especially when I have iTunes set to shuffle, so that given time, I can hear my whole music library.

Sometimes, I’ll get so into a song I’m listening to that I’ll play it several times before finally getting tired of it and switching to another, like Delerium’s Terra Firma, or something by Talk Talk, like the original It’s My Life, and the remake by No Doubt.

And so do I inquire of you:

What is currently your favorite song? Your favorite music artist?

TNQ is a daily question that I pose to you, my readers, and please, do feel free to comment — I’m not an ogre. As per the title, TNQ is published each weekday at 12:00 PM

Teh Kitteh dat waz stuck in da wyndoe…


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