Things I’m NOT Overly Skeptical About: Part II

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Continuing from the previous Tuesday, this part describes a few more ideas of which I’m not particularly critical unless a real need presents itself.

That being said, it can hardly be honestly claimed that I would enshrine any of them as being gospel truth, since I’ve been down that road before with paranormal beliefs, been burned by the facts, and got the proverbial tee-shirt and metaphorical scars to prove it.

Gullibility bites, even a naive, idealized conception of an otherwise genuine and verified idea, and especially if said idea is neither genuine nor verified…

No, that’s a path already far too well-traveled by Troythulu, and I’d rather make a little extra effort to have a more realistic view of the world — it makes for a stronger skepticism — and it prevents hero-worship and fallacious appeals to authority by yours truly.

While not everything should be regarded with skepticism — such as skepticism — my view is that it is a Bad Idea™ to hold anything but mathematics to be certain in truth content, and even that is highly debated by philosophers, a demographic I do not hold membership in.

So here are a few things of which I am only quasi-skeptical…pseudo-skeptical…diet-coke-of-skeptical…not-quite-skeptical-enough to please those with a distaste for skepticism, and who make this rather plain in their, well, amusing tirades filled with loaded language, factual misconceptions, and logical fallacies my two-year old nephew could pick apart with ease on a bad day.

Yes, I know — Troythulu is evil…and snarky, but just as important as seeing what’s there is not seeing what ain’t. So I accept…

  • …that knowledge is superior to ignorance, though not that the knowledgeable are superior to the ignorant for we are all ignorant of something
  • …that it doesn’t take an intellectual giant to understand science provided it is taught well…
  • …that no one should be regarded as a saint, even those regarded as saints…
  • …that faith in the religious sense has no place in science, even though individual scientists may well happen to be ‘people of faith…’
  • …that science, like all human social endeavors, is fallible as are those human beings who practice it…
  • …that there are things not only that we don’t know, but likely also those we cannot know…
  • …that the pyramids of Egypt and other similar monuments found there were likely constructed by the historical Egyptians themselves, and that this is consistent with the culture, history, technologies and organizational ability that we know they had…
  • …that life likely exists elsewhere in the universe, and that if true, life could well be a necessary consequence of complex chemistry…
  • …that all purposeful wrong in the world is due ultimately to ignorance, irrationality, or a toxic mixture of both and often carried out by a generous helping of physical or legal aggression…
  • …that taking an unorthodox position merely to be unorthodox, and the fact that one’s ideas are bold and revolutionary does not mean that one is right, nor one’s ideas a science…
  • …for everyone thought to be a crank but who later was esteemed as a scientific icon, there have been countless others in history who will forever be enshrined as nothing more than cranks…
  • …that evidence-based medicine is superior in effectiveness to alleged healing modalities alternative only to those based on evidence. It saved my life twice that I can count so far, and on pain of committing the pragmatic fallacy, “it worked for me…”
  • …that no supernatural claim that has ever been testable and subsequently verified has ever been found to have anything but a natural explanation…
  • …that rational doubt is superior to either irrational doubt or certitude in a search for truth, that the truth is out there, and best reached through valid evidence and careful reasoning…
  • …that I am one with all life on Earth through common descent, one with the Earth through chemistry, and one with the cosmos through the atoms of my body which were forged in the hearts of stars…
  • …the reality of these things we dogmatically fervent skeptics call “coincidence,” and “probability…”

Unfortunately for the antiskeptic types, this demand that others be skeptical of the very things they are, in the same way that they are, to their unqualified satisfaction to be considered ‘true skeptics,’ is not based on an understanding of what modern skepticism really is, so I think that this demand itself warrants some due skepticism, and can be safely dismissed on the grounds that it is not only unreasonable, but based on seriously flawed assumptions and cognitive mistakes.

In part III, I’ll go over some of the above mentioned assumptions and errors in more detail. I’ll see you then. Fnord.


5 thoughts on “Things I’m NOT Overly Skeptical About: Part II

  1. UR “snarky and evil” and I love it. As far as 9/11 is concerned, it was not an “inside job” of the Bush administration, the simple reason being that it worked (ha ha). Awesomeness.


    ps. @skepticcat left a comment on my blog the other day so I assume he’s OK…thank (nonexistent) Gawd.

    pps. Hey was’ up skepticcat-is UR break over yet. We need you.


  2. “But the fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright Brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown. ”
    –Carl Sagan


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