Please, Don’t Appeal to Quantum Mechanics to Propagate Your Pseudoscience « Exposing PseudoAstronomy


There is no formal logical fallacy that I know of called “Appeal to Quantum Mechanics,” but I think it should be on the books. It is a frequently utilized term by purveyors of New Age beliefs and other ideas to try to make their ideas seem more sciencey when, in fact, to anyone who actually knows quantum mechanics and slaved away for tens of hours a week on QM homework, it just makes them sound stupid…

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  1. While the old saw about “if, you think you understand Quantum Mechanics then, you’re wrong” holds true.

    Nevertheless, some of the mystical language used by Niels Bohr kind of invited some of this “flapdoodle.”

    Some of the more exotic properties of matter can and do effect our every day lives and will more and more as we discover how to tame these properties.

    I would love to have a cellphone that could utilize indeterminacy so you could send yourself a text message from the future not to do something stupid, for example.


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