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Dick Feynman on Religion

I’ve always wondered where some of the lyrics in some of the Symphony of Science music, with Dick Feynman’s autotuned voice came from.

Here is a scene from one of his interviews, in which he describes human gods as far too provincial, and I’m inclined to agree with him.

It seems to me that the findings of science have far outstripped the puny gods of a puny species on a mote of dust spinning around a perfectly ordinary star, in a universe that is far bigger than we can understand, and which neither cares nor even knows we are here.

I have my doubts that religion will ever catch up to, much less surpass, the wonders of reality, and the science we use to probe it’s mysteries…

A Heads Up on What’s Up with the Blogroll Feeds…

Hey Peeples. I’ve noticed lately that the RSS feeds to blogs this site links to have been acting funny lately, and several of the blogs linked to haven’t been updated for several months now.

I also decided that the blogroll widget just below the link feeds has a lot of links to sites that are either no longer active, or already linked to in the feeds widgets, and therefore redundant.

I couldn’t help but notice that at least one of the blogs linked to no longer seems to exist, so I thought it would be a good idea to update this blog’s linky-love to other sites and clean things up a bit.

I’ve temporarily deactivated link widgets to blogs no longer updated, and I will definitely be checking in on these sites periodically, and when and if they are once again active, will restore the widgets linking to them, no questions asked.

I’ve also deleted the widgets to the now defunct blogs, fixed the links to the active ones, and taken down the blog list widget below the feeds, for deletion of the redundant links and the transfer of the remaining active links to new feed widgets, which will make up the entirety of my blog roll from this point on.

Also, I’ll be looking around for new blogs heretofore unlinked to, and post feeds to them. I’ll also be using the separate links widget for those blogs that may be useful even if no longer active, as useful archived sites and blogs accessible from this one.

I suppose I’m far too much of a neurotic for my own good, but this is something that has been bugging the crap out of me for a while now.