[Fiction] Freedom, Part 2 [First Draft]

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The Mirus did a quick scan of the vessel he had for uncounted years called home, and satisfied that he was now the only living sapient aboard (outside of his own braincase, that is…His hypershard sometimes seemed to have a life — and a mind — of its own.), he began to set up shop now that he was, for all intents and purposes, the ship’s new master.

The air supply in the life-support suit that enclosed him was getting a little stale, so he told the computer to close the airlocks and reactivate the ship’s environmental systems.

He made a mental note to get more practice using his hypershard for deep-space environmental support.

Radiation shielding was no problem — blocking incoming ionizing particles and rays was easy — but it was a little trickier to do the whole life-support thing without a suit on his own, though it would get easier with time and work.

He unsuited and after downloading the full deck-plan layout of the ship, went immediately to a part formerly forbidden to him: the command bridge, noting the odd mix of Kai’Siri and reverse-engineered, and true artifact Stranger technology that lay cobbled together into a single ship before him.

This was, after all, an experimental vessel, as experimental as himself. But the experiment was now, for all he cared, officially over. News of his revolt would soon reach the Kai’Siri mainworlds.

He would have to act quickly.

The Strangers, who left no records of their appearance or physiology, were well-known to Kai’Siri archaeologists from commonalities of the artifacts they left behind on some worlds in the Exarchate and beyond, many of which had been bioengineered organisms that went feral after their creators’ disappearance and evolved on their own, diversifying into entire planetary ecosystems on some worlds.

And all this happening over a span of about a billion years, give or take a margin of roughly 50 million years depending on the world.

Other artifacts were more curious in construction, like the hypershards, and apparently more resistant to the vagaries of time. His own ‘shard was a part of him now, too interconnected with his organism to ever be safely removed, for attempting it would kill them both.

Like it or not, they were now physically one.

It was his ‘shard that kept him alive, healthy and young, periodically restoring those tissues in his body that had experienced the effects of cell-death and biological wear and tear. It had a high stake in preventing his death.

Technology from over a billion years ago…and still millions of years beyond the Kai’Siri in working principles despite their crude ability to emulate some of it…

He considered that for a moment and wondered if he would ever get sick…

No matter. Satisfied that all was in good order, he went to work.

He remembered the language of his former life on Earth, some variant of English, he wasn’t sure which one, reasonably well, though there were gaps in his knowledge of even his own dialect’s slang, though he had had the Kai’Siri language uploaded via the ‘shard, and had become quite fluent in it.

The latter was the only spoken language the ship’s computer, also based on Stranger technology, but using Kai’Siri processor architecture to accommodate their machine language, would respond to and reply in.

It was a good idea for now to keep the programming language the same, for the computer’s databanks did not include instructions on modifying or upgrading the hardware.

That was elsewhere.

He settled for simply loading the personality profile of the girl who woke him, Imegaa Mokkano, and imprinting it onto the entire system, naming the new simulated persona and the ship it was part of, Imegaa Enzael, after the avenging emissaries of Kai’Siri mythology.


He noticed a file of future mission schedules for his duties as Enforcer Prime. Out of curiosity, he looked through it…

Labbelethu… Rhilujitaaz… Tokmolos… Moogh… Ertu… Wait, EARTH??

They were going to send him after his own birthworld. Apparently there was something about his species that impressed them enough to make them nervous, after all, look at himself, their final weapon…

A flash of anger overtook him, the siren song of the ‘shard rang in his mind, calling him to war.

He quickly silenced it. No.

No. He had killed enough…Far too much already, and would do it no more, not as he had as an unthinking angel of death, as mere living weaponry.

He was his own…man?, if you could call him that now, and his own master.

He would, he must, bring the war to his former owners, and would gladly capitalize on his own notoriety, but while he would fight, defend himself, defend others, bring down the war machine of the Kai’Siri once and for all, no more species would die by his hand.

No… no more extinctions, not even theirs.

He realized that while he was thinking, he had been working without paying much attention to it at one of the enormous ship’s factory systems, since as a warship intended to travel vast distances in interstellar space, most major capital vessels of any spacefaring civilization needed to be self-sufficient in resource management, repair, and manufacturing abilities.

He was using a factory terminal to construct an android of sorts, a synthetic construct of alien plastics, crystal, and biomimetic pseudo-organs.

He inspected his handiwork. Not bad if I do say so myself… A dead ringer for the girl.

Let’s see if it works…

The eyes opened. The form laying in the factory vat sat up and looked at its creator.

“Talotaa frang. Elruune tagg muutan. Se Mirus. Okka sa Imegaa Mokkano. Fe tuula saz jadya.”* He said.

Hudai asza sallan, Mirus,“** she said in perfect response time.

The Mirus smiled inside. Excellent, kiddo, He thought, Let’s get this show on the road.

To be continued…

*”I greet you, newborn one. You are my creation. I am the Mirus. I name you Imegaa Mokano. You shall serve as my emissary and friend.”

**As you wish, Mirus, I obey.


4 thoughts on “[Fiction] Freedom, Part 2 [First Draft]

  1. Well ,I sat down and played editor a wee bit…. The story line so far….
    Freedom, Part 2
    A Night at the Conference
    The Unwanted Shepard
    The Hiker’s Diary
    A Moment of Urgency

    … I actually printed them all in order and think I will run them by Cyndi and see if she thinks the plot line makes sense …. Reading the last posting here, I started kicking around some ideas for the “others” [the low tech observing station ‘others’] origins, I’ll see where it goes….. 🙂


    • Cool. I’m fairly certain that there will be some inconsistencies in the different installments, though hopefully fewer than the others in the latest two. The others that I’ve done are in an intentionally episodic ‘mythos’ style, in which they aren’t necessarily part of a coherent storyline, kind of like the classic Doctor Who episodes or the Cthulhu mythos stories of the original Lovecraft circle, not all part of the same linear meta-plot. It’ll be interesting to find out the secret of the “others.” Awesomeness & kewlness.


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