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WLS | Web Links Sceptique for December 8, 2011

WLS is a selection of links to blogs, news outlets, and cool little sites on the Web that relate to science, reason, skepticism, atheism, the fringes and borderlands of science, memes relating to science or skepticism, and anything that catches my eye or which I’m deluded enough to think might arouse the interest of you, my perspicacious readers. WPS is published weekly each Thursday on the Call.

(Last Update: 2011/12/8 – Text Added)

Lovely Owl via @NuraTwit

I’ve been accused of being a good blogger, so in protest of this dreadful affront to my dishonor, I hereby post my objection… Do try not to claw your eyes out, I hear that too much cute can lead to brain-melting seizures :-)


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