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MNQ | Monday’s Noontide Query: Hobbies

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Often driven by our boredom and a need to seek meaning and purpose, we humans have developed what is perhaps unique in the animal kingdom, though I have my reservations…

More so than any other species, we engage in hobbies, often quite sophisticated ones, to divert and entertain ourselves.

I make a point of keeping my interests fairly diverse for reasons of good psychological health, though sometimes less than I’d like to…Some things just aren’t my cup of Orange Pekoe brew.

I collect coins and bills of various denominations from different parts of the world, there is my ever-growing fossil collection, my 1970s and early 2000s Micronaut collections, both displayed in my curio cabinet, and a host of plastic miniatures and tokens for various role-playing, board, and military wargames.

There is my collection of plastic and plush Cthulhus on my bookshelves, shelves slowly filling due to my tendency to collect books that catch my eye, like a literary pack rat that I am.

I make a point to do what I like, and like what I do, and sometimes if not interested initially, that can be changed.

I play tabletop role-playing games, though I’ve no interest in MMORPGs. Despite kickin’ it with the early video games of the 1980s, I now rarely get involved in computer gaming, and those I do play tend to be software versions of physical board and card games, like Chess and Solitaire.

Sometimes I draw, though I don’t consider myself a professional quality artist with any media, even with making my fractals.

I introspect and otherwise like to think about things, though I don’t style myself a ‘philosopher’ by any stretch of the imagination…

All of which leads to this…

Which three hobbies of yours have top priority when spare time makes itself had? Why?

MNQ is a question that I pose to you, my readers, and is posted each Monday at 12:00 PM. Do feel free to comment, and don’t worry yerselves overmuch… I’m not an ogre and I don’t bite…much.

A planet-sized starship chillin’ next to Mercury? I suspect not.

Arcs rise above an active region on the surfac...

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This is cute. It’s a composite video taken of a Coronal Mass Ejection, or CME, washing over Mercury and appearing to reveal something previously unseen. According to the narrator, it must be an alien spacecraft, no less one the size of the planet nearby, and cloaked for good measure (Obviously! No other explanation possible, no sirree!).

Never mind the complete dismissal of any plausible alternatives in favor of the preferred explanation, and never mind the statements here that say that the more likely hypothesis is the effect of digital artifacts in the image.

Simply put, the ‘cloaked’ spot was were Mercury itself was at during the previous day, with no need to invoke Klingon birds of prey, Borg cubes, or for that matter, Zentraedi fleet command vessels at all!


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