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Caturday’s Astronomy Pix for April 1-7, 2012

Pleiades Star Cluster

Pleiades Star Cluster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dad Quiets Omicron Ceti

Tungurahua Erupts

M46 & M47: Star Clusters Young and Old

Centaurus A

Zodiacal Light Panorama

Venus and the Sisters

Conjunction Haiku

Centaurus A in infared

Centaurus A in infared (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Caturday’s Astronomy Pix is a weekly installment, published each weekend between 7:31 and 8:30 am EDT, with links to each daily entry on NASA’s website Astronomy Picture of the Day. I hope you enjoy looking at these often breathtaking images as much as I do.

Fractal of the Week: Qurloid Magna

All images in this post are original works by the author, and are copyright 2012 Troy Loy


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