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Caturday’s Astronomy Pix for April 15-21, 2012

Artists concept of the X-30 aerospace plane fl...

Artists concept of the X-30 aerospace plane flying through Earth's atmosphere on its way to low-Earth orbit. the experimental concept is part of the National Aero-Space Plane Program. The X-30 is planned to demonstrate the technology for airbreathing space launch and hypersonic cruise vehicles. Photograph and caption published in Winds of Change, 75th Anniversary NASA publication (page 117), by James Schultz. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fata Morgana: A Possibly Titanic Mirage

The Eagle Nebula from Kitt Peak

Antares and Clouds

The Flight Deck of Space Shuttle Endeavour

Discovery Departs

M57: The Ring Nebula

3 Auxiliary Telescopes

magnetometers are mounted at both ends of the ...

magnetometers are mounted at both ends of the solar panel assemblies to isolate them from the spacecraft's magnetic fields (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Caturday’s Astronomy Pix is a weekly installment, published each weekend between 7:31 and 8:30 AM, with links to each daily entry on NASA’s website Astronomy Picture of the Day. I hope you enjoy looking at these often breathtaking images as much as I do.

Fractal of the Week: Aishwarya Prime

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