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Daily Archives: May 3rd, 2012

The 5th Day’s Links Sceptique is back this week, after a several week hiatus…My bad.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if H. P. Lovecraft trod the dark path of “Dear Abby” and “Anne Landers? Here is the advice column of the Author of Providence, and the eldritch horrors unleashed upon the people who write him…

This article on Freethought Blogs by Ben Radford notes that “People Don’t Read, and Why it Matters to Skepticism…” This is something I’ve noticed myself now and then over the last 4+ years of blogging.

My friend Steve on G+ sent me this a while back — an exquisitely drawn book on marine life using an artistic style originating in the Bihar region of India…

Here’s a Periodic Stress Test — see how you score! — on Scientific American…

So you think Lolcats originated with the Internet? Think again — here are examples of the humorous kittehs of the 19th century! Thanks to my friend Kate for reminding me I still had this bookmarked :-)

Neat! It seems that recently, the researchers of CERN have uncovered a new kind of particle using the LHC. It’s discoveries like this that can open up brand new areas of research…

Feel like getting real? Here’s A Look at the New Skepticism

Here’s a parapsychologist I can respect, Stanley Krippner, and even James Randi likes him! That’s saying something, in my book…

A good discussion on the Psychology of Fraud: Why Good People do Bad Things, and why I find it more helpful to understand even charlatans.

David Brin discusses the Need to Restore Optimism to Science Fiction, and the need is more urgent than many suppose, after with story after story being dystopic or otherwise dark ‘n gloomy…

Here’s An Optical Illusion that Explains the Origins of Imaginary Monsters

Why we ignore science — What’s Rational About Risk?

The answer to a common question — What has science ever done for us?

And, my favorite Astrophysicist responds to the question…

Atheist or Agnostic?

5th Day’s Links Sceptique is a selection of links to blogs, news outlets, and cool little sites on the Web that relate to science, reason, skepticism, atheism, the fringes and borderlands of science, memes relating to science or skepticism, and anything that catches my eye or which I’m deluded enough to think might arouse the interest of you, my perspicacious readers. 5th Day’s Links Sceptique is published on Thursdays on the Call.

New ideas, some already in progress, for lowering our dependence on petrochemicals before we exhaust the world’s reserves.

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