Caturday’s Astronomy Pix for April 29 – May 5, 2012

PIA08335 Helene
PIA08335 Helene (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Dangerous Sunrise on Gliese 876d

Aurora Over Raufarhöfn

Higgs Boson Explained by Cartoon

Saturn’s Moon Helene in Color

M106 Close Up

Fermi Epicycles: The Vela Pulsar’s Path

Full Moonrise

Cycle of pulsed gamma rays from the Vela pulsa...
Cycle of pulsed gamma rays from the Vela pulsar. Constructed from photons detected by Fermi’s Large Area Telescope. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Caturday’s Astronomy Pix is a weekly installment, published each weekend between 7:31 and 8:30 AM, with links to each daily entry on NASA’s website Astronomy Picture of the Day. I hope you enjoy looking at these often breathtaking images as much as I do.