I’m on Twitter hiatus for a bit. I’ll be back.

Lately, I’ve been taking home study courses to improve my academic skills, and just for the sheer fun of making myself a better student and reader, and found it necessary to devote more of my time to study and reading. I’ve also been spending time on Twitter, at least until the last couple of days, since I’ve found myself too given to distraction, and I need to focus on learning.

So, I’m taking a break from Twitter, at least for a week, maybe more, though I’ll keep in contact with my tweeps through direct messaging when not forbidden, through Facebook, and through regular email.

But, no tweeting, at least, no live tweeting, just autotweets from my WordPress blogs and Tumblr page, and when I decide to set things up for it, my Facebook posts. But no tweets directly by being logged into my Twitter account.

I’ve noticed that my tweets were beginning to get a bit stale…something was missing…I simply wasn’t allowing myself time to come up with anything interesting, and the minute-by-minute status updates get a bit old after almost three years. There’s a lot of ‘noise’ on Twitter, which is what one would expect for the enormous volume of information coursing through it’s millions of accounts, and that noise can be difficult to sort out from the important posts, from useful information.

Twitter is a great way to keep in contact with people I’ve met online, and those friends I’ve met there are very dear to me, but I need to get away from the volume of noise and data for a bit, sort things out, figure out what I really want to accomplish in social networking. I have some very interesting people following my account, many very well-known in some circles, better known than a nobody like yours truly. Sometimes I chat with them, people continents away, and I’ve even chatted with those people not following my tweets, prominent figures in the rationalist community who’ll remain unnamed.

I also follow lots of interesting people, over 1865 at last count, though that varies depending on whatever issues the server is undergoing. There’s been a glitch in Twitter’s software that causes the server to randomly follow or unfollow people without warning for an account, though it’s been worse in the past, and caused a lot of unnecessary acrimony.

I’m in the process of training myself to better manage distraction, and that should smooth out my interaction on the site, make it easier for me to keep in contact with people and avoid the errors caused by data overload and burnout, while also being more relaxed online and thus less prone to miss important things through over-focusing. Also pending is improvement in my ‘people skills,’ which have lately been somewhat deficient.

I’ve no interest in cutting ties with people on Twitter…I’ve met very few trolls, save the infamous Dennis Markuze and very few others. Yes, “I’ve been Mabused.”

Meh. Sounds like a disease…

Once this break is over, I’ll be making better, more effective, efficient, and enjoyable use of my social networking time, but for now, it’s time out for Troythulu.

Until I’m back, my cosmic and brilliant tweeps, carry on and keep the unfaith. You will anyway.

2 responses to “I’m on Twitter hiatus for a bit. I’ll be back.

  1. I understand the data overload. I’m in a similar position. I have to use my time differently now and research other topics that are relevant to my family at the moment. Sometimes it’s not that I’m not interested, but I have to filter at least some stuff or the sheer volume overwhelms me.


  2. you have loads to say. of all your posts i love it when you voice your view of this world in articles like this one. ‘carry on and keep the unfaith. you will anyway’ now there’s a quote that i must remember. your wit and insight is priceless. your ability to continually improve yourself is an example that is stellar and greatly needed.


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