The Weird Hunt

In my fright I see a star,

Where resides King’s avatar.

Served by faceless Tathladi,

To hunt Suthdr, rampage seen.

Three-sided beings found throughout space,

Allied with Man to purge the race.

To extirpate the vermoid spawn,

To rule the skies, our kind as pawns.

To slay with such impunity,

For harvesting the galaxy.

5 thoughts on “The Weird Hunt

    1. It’s a science fiction verse, about some rather horrific aliens I came up with. The Tathladi and Sthdr are two species at war with each other with humans caught between them. The King mentioned is the being who genetically bred them from lower forms of life.


  1. that’s very interesting. do you come up with many stories like this? you have much of great interest to share beyond the wizened skeptic’s glare…and i mean that sincerely. will you be sharing more verses from this story? is it finished or still in the works?


    1. Every once in a while, something like this pops into my head, and I’m forced to write it down. But it will be interesting to see what I can come up with. I might add new verses, we’ll see…I still have a novella draft to edit, hopefully my first published short fiction.


      1. i have no doubts that you will succeed as there is something very striking in your writing. i get the sense that there is a profound allegory in your tales. those are the stories that make us see beyond our personal selves and into the great matrix that holds us together even as we tear each other apart. and by the way, your personal quotes rock. party on. 😉


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