For I’m Mad and yet Maker of Worlds [part 1 of a serial]

Brain scanning technology is quickly approachi...

Brain scanning technology is quickly approaching levels of detail that will have serious implications (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m called the Fractus. What am I? I look human, but there’s something in my brain that both awes and terrifies me, and I can do things no human ever could, but that something in my brain — it keeps telling me ‘hypershard’ in whispering voices, and showing me things in my sleep. Showing me how to change, and to create, reality.

You see, the very thing that lets me do what I do, and I’m recording this in my home, a universe I made from nothing — nearly killed myself in the process, but, hey, it’s livable — for anyone who stumbles on it after I get killed…


“ShutUpShutUpShutUpShutUp! Leave me alone!” I mutter. My ‘voices,’ the voices of the ‘shard, taunt me. The shard gives me power, the power to create whole worlds, but it’s broken, and now so am I. I can’t get rid of it and be normal either. It sucks to be me.

I’m the most feared — whatever I am — in my old universe, what I once knew as the only one. Before the shard, before THAT THING was put into my head, I thought I was only human, and now I literally have the power of a god. I know of a couple of silly kids like me, they’ve got those things in their brains too, but the boy — calls himself the Mirus, I think — is the only sane one. The other is a psychopath called the Magna who loves her job a bit too much.

While I create worlds, or can, she destroys them, the Mirus’s old job before he upped and quit.

Lucky him. LuckyHimLuckyHimLuckyHim….

…BlastBlastBlastBlast! ThoughtsRacingCan’tShutThemOut! LeaveMeTheHellAloneOrIllCutYouOutIfItKillsBothOfUs!!

The voices subside, my thoughts slow down so I can tell them from the ‘shard’s as my head clears. It’s good to be lucid when I can manage it. My therapist, a computer I’d stolen in my escape from my captors, says that my prognosis is improving, but the brain damage is still there. I can create universes, but can’t fix my own brain. Isn’t that a hoot!

Where was I? I tend to ramble a bit… Sorry.

Anyhoo, I was a kid once, now I’m just a tired old man in a young body. I was at the Terran research colony on Europa, where my parents worked studying the local biology, living things from below the moon’s ice. I was so excited to see what new creatures the mum and dad brought to the lab to study — I wasn’t cleared to have direct access yet, so I watched them work from the gallery above it.

One day, I was watching them virtually dissecting a new specimen with a recently developed imaging system, wrapped up in the pictures of the critter’s insides as they were processing, when there was a *bang* coming from the deck about the lab theatre where I stood watching my parents and the technicians working with them.

I suddenly turned my head from the lab below to feel gloved hands cover my face, and felt like I was suffocating before passing out in a dreamless sleep…

To be continued.

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