The 5th Anniversary #Giveaway for the Calls of Troythulu is now over!

G’day. The giveaway has concluded this morning, and 1st place is…Terrence Brown. In 2nd place is Kate Campbell, and as I have two copies of the prize, they each get one for showing their support and participating. Thank you. I’ll send the winner(s) their books by priority mail before Saturday of next week. I’ve learned much of how to properly run a contest like this, and will be applying that in any future such giveaways, applied admittedly in very spotty fashion at best with this contest. Congratulations, both of you!


3 thoughts on “The 5th Anniversary #Giveaway for the Calls of Troythulu is now over!”

  1. This is the first thing I’ve won on the internet!

    I can attest I used no talismans or charms (lucky keyboard, mouse click sequence based on birthdays of family members) or any other unfalsifiable method to win this contest.


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