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Indras_Promise_5G’day, and here in the West, (and elsewhere, of course) Happy Easter…May you never be attacked by ravenous alien egg-laying zombie rabbits!

This week saw the conclusion of my City of Glass project for the Fractals of the Week, as well as the wrap-up to the two-week period I’ve spent viewing lectures and taking notes.

I’m in the process of making notes now, and working on diagrams of some of the concepts in the lectures, including all the logic of Aristotle, however limited that may be compared to how far we’ve come.

But it was Plato’s star pupil who first asked, and then answered the question: How do we make thinking work better, easier, more accurate? How do we systematize thought, even mechanize it?

It was his work that ultimately led to further developments and then the modern computer revolution, even as it kept the intellectual world at a standstill for over 2,000 years because of its limits, until the developments of early modern science.

Anyhoo, I’m working on ideas, and pics, for an ebook format folio of my fractal images, and I’ll decide what format to export it in once the file is complete. I’ll let you know when it’s finished. I’m going to start out from the early stages of fractal evolution, and then work my way to the current period of my work.

I’m reading fiction by Stuart Barton again, his collection ‘Isolation,’ and there shall be a review posted when I’m finished. Should be fun. Once I’m done making notes, ‘The Philosopher’s Toolkit: How to be the most rational person in any room,’ will be reviewed as well.

I’m staying home today, both to get things done, and to see Cosmos again. The new series has just been a blast!

The next Fractals of the Week will feature greyscale images via my first app, Fractal Domains. I’ll be trying out some ideas I’ve had on how to make those more striking.

Talotaa frang.

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What’s The Purpose Of The Universe? Here’s One Possible Answer

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  1. Happy Easter. These fractals are amazing Troy.


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