Screw it. I’m going on a break.

Recent events involving blogging have been pissing me off for most of this month. I’m closing down posting on this site as of early this next morning until I get things sorted out on my end. I’ve no idea how long that will be. Thanks to all of you over the years for your support.

Oh, and by the way, here is a fractal: click to ginormify.


7 responses to “Screw it. I’m going on a break.

  1. I made only five posts on my blog before I took a break — about three years ago.

    I can’t keep up with reading blogs, let alone making my own. (Damn my vain need to be all-knowing!)


      • Life should trump blogging, always. Take all the time you need — that would be a good sign you have a life.

        But for those of us who can’t stay off the ‘net, as our lives meander aimlessly, I propose that fringe/skeptical bloggers honour a moratorium every August, so everyone can refresh themselves — writers and readers alike. When all the kook reality shows come back to cable in the fall, and the creationist teachers get back into the classrooms, and select evangelical pastors have their sex offender trials resume, we’ll be well-rested.


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