Fractals of the Week: Newton’s Spawn

G’day, this week I bring you new images from my first fractal making app, Fractal Domains. I’ve been fooling about with settings for the app, working with a familiar program in not-so-familiar ways while revisiting my favorite fractal type for this, that employing Newton’s method for finding ratios to calculate Julia sets. With this revisitation, I’m generating for printing purposes new hi-resolution images for my commercial use, and here I offer a glimpse into what these might look like. I’ll be generating new candidates, of at least 300 dpi, for the cover pages of my eBook stories and anthologies once the editing and formatting of the books themselves is complete.

So, here they are!





All JPEG, PNG & GIF images in this post are original works by the author, created via  Mandelbulber, Fractal Domains, Ultra Fractal , Frax, and Mandelbulb 3D and are copyright 2014 by Troy Loy.

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