Fractals of the Weekend: Dreamed Deeply

G’day, and may this Sunday be brilliant for you. About a week ago, I’d uploaded an image to be processed by Google’s AI system Deep Dream, to find out what would happen, if I may steal a page from Philip K. Dick, if androids dreamed of electric sheep…or in this case, more abstract-looking fractal art. Processing time for my image took a little under a week, as there is a waiting queue for the system, about a week or so.

The original image is shown first, then the Deep Dream-ed version, with its strange, hazy, misty outlines, tendrils, and suggestions of dark eyes here and there. It may not look all that different at first, but a closer look reveals that even something that’s itself a mathematical construct of numbers and colors can be made nightmarish in deeply disturbing ways!

Talotaa frang, talotaa kas, talotaa tranga sulat.



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