Fractals of the Week | Frax-ional Pro-portions

This week’s images are via Frax Pro, being various zoom results of the Mandelbrot set that involved a bit of extra play with motion, texture, and lighting effects, with strange or decidedly odd results. Things are moving along with these, and the app, for iOS, has seen a lot of use since I got my tentacles one it. Those I’ve generated this evening on my ‘Pod will be uploaded to my Tumblr queue, though some will see their first publishing here. I’m looking forward to that, next week, when I’ll be posting an installment of wallpapers, likely from differing apps.

Talotaa frang, talotaa kas, talotaa tranga sulat.




All JPEG, PNG & GIF images in this post are original works by the author, created via a variety of apps and unless otherwise stated are copyright 2015 by Troy Loy. I hereby permit the free, noncommercial use of these images, as long as proper credit is given for them.

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