The Call’s Gnuz & Lynx Roundup | 2015.08.23

The symbol Om in the Tamil script

The symbol Om in the Tamil script (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

G’day, and happy Sunday! I’ve only a week left for Tamil study, but that’s cool, as I’m making some progress learning more of the sounds and script. I’ve got a few more left to go, and to get a bit more practice with the dependent vowel signs that join with consonants to make syllables, quite different from those used in Bengali or Hindi scripts.

I’ve completed a draft for the mnemonic story to be used for two classes of consonants, the stop and nasal sounds, and there shall be much proofing and editing before it is ready this next Monday morning, but ready it shall be. I’ll be updating the last installment of Lost in Translation on Tamil vowel mnemonics to offer some rationale for why the narrative was written and as oddly put as it was.

I’ve been listening to Tamil online radio, and so getting a feel for the spoken form in speech and song. Revising from previous study of Hindi and Bengali has turned out well, and it seems the learning of both scripts and their characteristic sounds is fairly solid. Save for some consonant conjuncts, I can read a fair amount of either language, and to the extent of my still-limited vocabulary, understand what’s written. I must be careful though, as I’m still a rank novice, and overconfidence is a very, very Bad Thing™.

I’ve good things planned for this week, including a new piece on the mythical Super Earth planet Bruticus, for an installment of Future Fluff, the Mighty Planet and its Unhallowed Moons as they figure in Kai’Siri legend and in the Gods of Terra setting’s “fact.” I’ve also started work on the draft for a filk-song tribute to Enya‘s “Trains and Winter Rains,” which will involve such wholesomely fun things as brains in vats, intelligent fungi, and the planet Yuggoth (Pluto), as described in the H.P. Lovecraft story “The Whisperer in Darkness.”

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