Caturday’s Astrophenia | Winter Blogcation’s End: 2016

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Welp. This morning, I resume regular posting on the Call, and a bit on the Checkerboards next week with some new 13 word stories I’ve come up with.

And it’s about time, I’d say.

I’ve a few useful and for the most part reliable ways of generating ideas; on days when the weather permits, I go for a twenty-minute walk and pay attention to what happens with my thoughts as I go. If I can, I walk for up to an hour or so a day when feeling in need of inspiration.

But actually getting ideas like this requires that I really turn a problem, question, or goal, over in my mind before just letting the brain’s diffuse network handle the workload via the subconscious.

Other times, I may listen to music, though it’s important to listen to tunes that take minimal subconscious processing, with the same general requirements and effects as walking. These and other methods tend to work more often than not, and at the very least I get some useful exercise out of the deal.

I’m still on a study break on new material for at least another month, but am catching up nicely on overlearning what’s already been covered in previous units. I’m tempted to translate some of the wordplay I’ve come up with into Bengali, and will when I make the time to.


I’m posting from here on every other day or every third day on this site, and more than I have lately on others. I’ve got a lot of stuff to show you all now that I’ve caught up on business in life!

May your days be bright and full of joy, and your nights full of cool things to gaze up at.

It was a long wait, and it’s good to be back.

Tf. Tk. Tts.

A Solar Prominence Eruption from SDO

Mystery Feature Now Disappears in Titan Lake

Solar Eclipse Shoes in the Classroom

Edge On Galaxy NGC 5866

Dark Sun over Ternate

Lunar Show Transit

The Flash Spectrum of the Sun

Neon Saturn

Dark Nebulas across Taurus

Cheering a Total Solar Eclipse

A Phoenix Aurora over Iceland

Close Comet and Large Magellanic Cloud

The W in Cassiopeia

3D Ahuna Mons

Image Of The Week: Celestial Lightsabers:  Stellar Jets In HH24

Weekly Astrognuz:

The Milky Way Galaxy’s Dark Halo of Star Formation

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Celebrates 10 Years in Orbit Around Mars

Big Picture Science: Who’s Controlling Whom?

Messier 7 (M7): The Ptolemy Cluster

Global Warming Took Another Big Jump in February 2016

On This International Womens’ Day

ExoMars Spacecraft Launches to Red Planet Searching for Signs of Life

Ahuna Mons: A Mountain on Ceres

NASA Selects Educators to Fly with Astronomers on SOFIA Airborne Observatory

What are the Different Kinds of Supernovae?

DSCOVR Satellite Sees Total Eclipse From Space

Activity Report of the Carl Sagan Center for February 2016

xkcd: Gravitational Waves

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