Quid Novi? | I’m Going on Hiatus for Three Years

This is my main blog’s final pre-hiatus update. I’ve expanded plans for all three of my current blogs, updated my goals, when to post, what directions to take things in, but I won’t elaborate on that here, not until hiatus is over and regular posting resumes. I’ve got stuff to do offline that needs finishing, and that’s best discussed once it’s all completed.

I’m aware of a psychological phenomenon whereby going public with long-term goals actually impairs completing those goals, whatever the short-term feeling of satisfaction from the telling, indeed because of it. That’s dangerous, so it’s mum from here on, as it’s better to underpromise and overperform rather than the opposite.

I can say that this site’s not going completely dead for those three years, There’ll be updates, though not at regular intervals.

Love you guys a bunch, and I hope to see you here in 2023, maybe a brighter time for all of us. Thanks for subscribing to this blog, and for your valuable support over the years.

So, in my amateurish grasp of Thamizh,

நான் போயிட்டு வரேங – naan pooyittu varaenga (I shall go and return)

3 thoughts on “Quid Novi? | I’m Going on Hiatus for Three Years

  1. Not sure if this means no more cat posts for a while. If so, I’ll miss them. I totally get it though. Wishing you much success with your endeavor, whatever it may be. Will you still be on social media (Facebook)?

    I do plan to be around in three years, and yes, please, please, please let it be a brighter time for all of us. 🙂

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    1. I’ll remain on social media during the next three years, so no problem there. I need to keep up with friends and family, especially since I recently moved to Florida from my old digs in Virginia, so sites like Discord and Facebook are at least useful. I’d like to do more cat posts, for as long as I continue to have cats – All Hail Miss Gorgeous and teh fluffeh Bois – there’s just too much cuteness involved not to!


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