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This week, I’m releasing three wallpapers, exclusively on this blog, from three apps, MB3D, Ultra Fractal, and Fractal Domains. Each of them measures 2400 x 1800 pixels, is easily clickable and scalable for a range of desktop backgrounds.

May your days be bright, and your nights clear and starlit! Thank you for clicking on me, and…

mărubădiyum vāngǎ (Please come again.)




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The Call’s Gnuz & Lynx Roundup | 2015.08.02

English: Nandini Ghosal performing an Indian c...

English: Nandini Ghosal performing an Indian classical dance: Odissi at the Coffman Memorial Union in the University of Minnesota. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whelp, a month of study gone by, another soon to recede from future to past, and a lot more learned. I’ve recently completed a course in Philosophy of Religion (even as one of those Vile Heathens™), Philosophy of Science (because Science!!), and this month I’ll be continuing an introductory Forensic Science course with a mixture of others on my viewing schedule.

In a couple of days or so, Tamil study resumes in earnest with continued revising on most other previous subjects. I’m having a blast learning languages from the South Asian subcontinent and thereabouts, my favorite region of the planet in terms of its diverse peoples and rich history, and I expect to continue doing so at least for a couple of more years into more advanced study.

None of this is currently being done at university. It’s all informal study.

I’ve decided on a new policy: To create a new fictional character each week, and learn a new word, in any language I know or am learning, each day. So far, keeping pace in my blogging and study activities has been fruitful. I multitask when I must, but I know I’m not that good at it, so I single-task on several things in sequence each day, making time to do what needs doing and readying tasks for later when that’s not possible.

Here’s a month full of wonders and with hope, more free of hardship and personal trials than usual for you all. I’ll be sprinkling a bit of Tamil vernacular in my posts as well as the speech of my alien Kai’Siri this month, and working on ideas for a new blog series, Lost in Translation, dealing in depth and context with particular words in a language being developed or studied.

Talotaa frang, talotaa kas, talotaa tranga sulat.

Oh, heck. Just stay brilliant.

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How Big Could a TITAN Be in Real Life [Because Science…]

Caturday’s Astrophenia | 2015.08.01

English: A picture of the sombrero galaxy

English: A picture of the sombrero galaxy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week has been a busy one for astronomers, with new data coming in from New Horizons as it nears the outer boundaries of the Solar System after passing Pluto, the Philae comet lander’s recent burst of activity, much is happening in astroscience.

This week’s Cat for ze Caturday features a little eldritch evil feline overlordishness courtesy of Mr. Eccles, with the font used being Arkham, found here. I’ve extended my language study for Bengali for a couple of extra days before focusing for most of August on Tamil, with periodic revising throughout to be done on Bengali and Hindi.

May your days be bright, your nights clear enough to see the stars, and as always…

Talotaa frang.

The Sombrero Galaxy from Hubble

Milky Way and Aurora over Antarctica

Rainbows and Rays over Bryce Canyon

The Deep Lagoon

Milky Way over Uluru

The ISS and a Colorful Moon

Stripping ESO 137-001

Image of the Week:

Weekly Astrognuz:

1982: Sci-fi in summer

What Are These Strange Scarlet Streaks Spotted on Tethys?

Ultra Compact Dwarfs: Mighty tiny galaxies

Eris’ Moon of Dysnomia

Sen: Kepler 452b and the media

Ceres Resembles Saturn’s Icy Moons

Comet: Sinkholes open up under venting gas

Faces of the Solar System

STEREO: Image of the Sun’s far side

Neptune’s Moon of Triton

Could We Make Artificial Gravity?

Radio broadcasts leave Earth at the speed of light. Scroll away from Earth and hear how far the biggest hits of the past have travelled. The farther away you get, the longer the waves take to travel there—and the older the music you’ll hear.


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