A Weekend at ROFCON… a Weekend Well Spent!

Last week I was busy reading, viewing lectures, and taking care of the house, the boys, and roomies Christopher and the infamous and dreaded Nimbus the cat!

Friday and Caturday were different, evenings occupied gaming and collecting cool things at Ring of Fire Con 2015 while hanging out with friends.

Being the terrible, horrible person I am, I even played a game of Cards against Humanity, though apparently I’m not terrible or horrible enough to have won…Oh, well, maybe next year, and then I can more realistically pass as a Bond villain.

It was good that I didn’t get too overstimulated incoming data-wise to enjoy the event, and with nothing in the way of my…psychology…causing problems for me, or for that matter, anyone else.

Caturday night we played a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy game, our characters getting both some swag from our exploits in the adventure, and more character points to buy cool and awesome traits!

Will I go again next year? Probably, barring anything between now and then that somehow manages to interpose itself in attending.

It’s been almost two decades since my last convention attendance, with perhaps, just hopefully, many more to follow for the gang and I together, we and our geekish pastimes…

Talotaa frang.

The Foundation Beyond Belief — Support the Crisis Response

Hey, guys. The Foundation Beyond Belief is a secular charity now involved in disaster relief work in the aftermath of the Oklahoma Tornado. Please visit their site and donate to assist in their efforts at locating and in helping the recovery of survivors in the wake of this horrid tragedy.

“At 3:01 pm CT on May 20, a massive F-4 tornado decimated the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, OK. Scores of severe injuries and deaths have been reported, and intense work is under way to find and rescue those trapped in the rubble.

The Humanist Crisis Response program of Foundation Beyond Belief has opened a donation drive in response to this disaster. Our staff worked through the night to assess the disaster situation and the relief organizations responding. This morning we have selected Operation USA and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma to receive our donations. These organizations were chosen for their long records of outstanding work, their high ratings and transparency, and their current direct work in the disaster zone addressing the primary needs of food, shelter, and medical aid.

Donations will be forwarded continuously during the emergency period. FBB retains no portion of donations. All donations to and through Foundation Beyond Belief are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

The staff and board of Foundation Beyond Belief would like to express our deep condolences to the victims of this terrible tragedy and their families and to encourage humanists in this country and around the world to do anything they can to help them put their homes, businesses, and lives back together.”

What’s My Theme Music?

You’re Own Theme Music Is…
Your Result: “Thus Spake Zorathustra” Strauss

You are an explorer at heart, maybe a little bit of a geek. You understand the full meaning of the events around you and respond to them with wonder. You may make a great astronaut one day. After all, this is the music from “Space Odyssey”.

“Flight of the Valkyrie” Wagner
“Tubular Bells” Mike Oldfield
Carmina Burana (“O Fortuna”) by Carl Orff
“Mars” by Gustav Holst
Peanuts’ Theme Song (“Linus and Lucy”)
You’re Own Theme Music Is…
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SitRep Update from Last Week

Aerial view of Ocean City, Maryland, USA. View...

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Well, this is good news: My cousin, D, whose predicament I mentioned last week seems to have had a good turn of fortune, such as we skeptics actually believe in that sort of thing.

He’s in a recovery program right now for his substance abuse issues…and it seems as though he’ll come out of this both feeling and doing better.

He’s even got a couple of job offerings, one being construction work in Maryland, and another doing pilot work for a boating business along the East Coast from Ocean City to Florida.


I’m just glad this has turned out as well as it has, considering that he’s family, and that it hasn’t turned into a really crappy situation for both him and the rest of us.

Drama does no one any good…

There are times when the thought occurs to just give up and be cynical, but that would be too easy, and I have no tolerance for that sort of intellectual laziness in myself.

As rough as times get, it’s important to note that they could be a lot worse, and just as an observation: Given time, one way or another, things do tend to improve, if only because of statistical regression to the mean, and even if the improvement in question is relief, in life or death, from suffering.

I rather like being alive at the present, but I think it’s important not to lose sight of that, and accept it when the time comes.

I’ve already looked the Reaper in the face once in 2007, and said, “Later dude, maybe next time…” and though I went through it relatively unscathed, indeed finding it liberating, it’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone else.

That goes double for family and friends, including my internet and blogging buddies.

Sheer, unadulterated coolness.

Uh, Dude, That’s My Cousin…

It seems that lately there has been trouble for some of my relations, since a cousin of mine, I’ll call him D, is currently in deep sh*t with major personal issues including a drug and mental health problems with several previous attempts at suicide.

Needless to say, this is bad juju. Very bad.

I mean, I’ve already lost one of my gamer and high-school friends to suicide, and even once is too much. It’s weird, even though he died years ago, the memory of when we last met is just as fresh in my mind as it was then…

D is one of my cousins on my mom’s side, the son of her sister, and her sister’s first husband who later turned out to be an ass.

I remember going to D’s wedding, and we all had such hopes for the future. I was wearing one of those suits of idiotic formalwear that make me look like a pompous clown. It’s funny when everything seems to be going so well when suddenly the sh*t hits the fan, and soon after his daughter was born the trouble began.

It turned out that his wife had issues too, and the two fought each other tooth and nail over the custody of their daughter…

…and it all went downhill from there.

Ceiling Cat McWhiskers… It’s annoying when things turn out like this, and frustrating when I can’t do anything about it.

I’ve heard recently that D was found and taken to the psych-ward of a local hospital for treatment, though my view is that he needs to be put on suicide watch too.

Family is family, and as I find out more about his condition I’ll be posting updates on this, since that helps alleviate the sense of creeping helplessness these situations produce.

Predicting the future is not only a lost art, it’s also usually a little wrong at least, so I’ll try to do what I can and hope for the best.

Life is alternately both unfair and what you make it.