A Weekend at ROFCON… a Weekend Well Spent!

Last week I was busy reading, viewing lectures, and taking care of the house, the boys, and roomies Christopher and the infamous and dreaded Nimbus the cat!

Friday and Caturday were different, evenings occupied gaming and collecting cool things at Ring of Fire Con 2015 while hanging out with friends.

Being the terrible, horrible person I am, I even played a game of Cards against Humanity, though apparently I’m not terrible or horrible enough to have won…Oh, well, maybe next year, and then I can more realistically pass as a Bond villain.

It was good that I didn’t get too overstimulated incoming data-wise to enjoy the event, and with nothing in the way of my…psychology…causing problems for me, or for that matter, anyone else.

Caturday night we played a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy game, our characters getting both some swag from our exploits in the adventure, and more character points to buy cool and awesome traits!

Will I go again next year? Probably, barring anything between now and then that somehow manages to interpose itself in attending.

It’s been almost two decades since my last convention attendance, with perhaps, just hopefully, many more to follow for the gang and I together, we and our geekish pastimes…

Talotaa frang.

Slimy Great Old One [to the tune of ‘Pencil Thin Mustache,’ with sincere apologies to Jimmy Buffett]

My most recent excursion into being a terrible, horrible person, as I mangle an old earworm, Lovecraft-style.

Checkerboards of The Gods

Now they’re raisin’ horrors from out of the night,

spreadin’ ravin’ madness that no one can fight,

when the stars are right, and the world’s in a rage,

there’s monsters left and right on the cosmic stage.

I wish I knew a slimy Great Old One,

The Great Cthulhu kind, or a

puke-green shoggoth that crushes its masters,

while Hastur curses people who mention his name.

Ia! I remember bein’ human, not very finny,

changin’ to a Deep One, not Azathoth’s dinny.

Ia! I wish I knew a slimy Great Old One,

then I could cause some madness too.

Ia! It’s Yuggoth, Carcosa, the Plateau of Leng,

no blinkin’ at the things I see.

It’s because I have no eyelids, except the nictitating,

and only human cultists were sacrificed while gating, Ia!

Ia! I wish I knew a slimy Great Old One,

then I could cause some madness too.


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Iä! Iä! [Iko Iko Parody]

kjytufkyfrkyrol87rl87rl7rlrkrkrThis started out as an idea to fool around with; twisting beyond the bounds of sanity the lyrics of my favorite tune from the soundtrack of the movie “The Big Easy,” with suggestions from my tweep @ExileDispatches, and long, sleepless dreadful mornings of near-madness pondering the eldritch horrors of the mindless, uncaring universe to which we must all eventually return.

This hideous cosmic blasphemy is sung to the tune of ‘Iko Iko’ by the Dixie Cups, to whom I most sincerely apologize for killing a perfectly good song. ~ Troythulu

My Old One and your Old One, chantin’ by the fire,

My Old One and your Old One are gonna set this world on fire.

Talk about Yuggoth, Yuggoth,

Iä! Iä! R’lyeh.

Azathoth, Shubby, Yog-Sothoth, Ithaqua, Dagon, Yig.

Look at my King in Yellow and rags,

Iä! Iä! R’lyeh.

I’ll betcha my soul he’ll drive you mad, Ithaqua, Dagon Yig.

Talk about Yuggoth, Yuggoth,

Iä! Iä! R’lyeh.

Azathoth, Shubby, Yog-Sothoth, Ithaqua, Dagon, Yig.

Look at that spawn, all squamous and green,

Iä! Iä! R’lyeh.

It’s not a man, it’s an alien thing,

Iä! Iä! R’lyeh.

Talk about Yuggoth, Yuggoth,

Iä! Iä! R’lyeh.

Azathoth, Shubby, Yog-Sothoth, Ithaqua, Dagon, Yig.

Iä! Iä!….

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The Foundation Beyond Belief — Support the Crisis Response

Hey, guys. The Foundation Beyond Belief is a secular charity now involved in disaster relief work in the aftermath of the Oklahoma Tornado. Please visit their site and donate to assist in their efforts at locating and in helping the recovery of survivors in the wake of this horrid tragedy.

“At 3:01 pm CT on May 20, a massive F-4 tornado decimated the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, OK. Scores of severe injuries and deaths have been reported, and intense work is under way to find and rescue those trapped in the rubble.

The Humanist Crisis Response program of Foundation Beyond Belief has opened a donation drive in response to this disaster. Our staff worked through the night to assess the disaster situation and the relief organizations responding. This morning we have selected Operation USA and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma to receive our donations. These organizations were chosen for their long records of outstanding work, their high ratings and transparency, and their current direct work in the disaster zone addressing the primary needs of food, shelter, and medical aid.

Donations will be forwarded continuously during the emergency period. FBB retains no portion of donations. All donations to and through Foundation Beyond Belief are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

The staff and board of Foundation Beyond Belief would like to express our deep condolences to the victims of this terrible tragedy and their families and to encourage humanists in this country and around the world to do anything they can to help them put their homes, businesses, and lives back together.”

Vampires?…or Lambpires? Baaah!

The Vampire

Image via Wikipedia

I’m currently, in addition to studying my argumentation lecture notes, and proceeding nicely on the math course I’m taking, rereading a classic of Victorian horror, Dracula, a good and unabridged if well-loved copy I got from the local library, which I’ll have to post a few pics of sometime.

Dracula and I go way back; The first time I read the entire thing was in my early teens, and I’ve not been untouched by the bloodsucker bug as a gamer, either, since I used to play Vampire: the Masquerade during the ’90s, and rather enjoyed it for a time, before the whole WoD metaplot-thing got stupid.

Hell, I even owned a copy of the very first printing of Masquerade, in which the vampire ability later known as Animalism had the rather awkward designation of *ahem* Animality *cough* *cough*

I never bothered with Vampire: the Requiem, and haven’t looked back since, though I did start looking into real-world vampire legends from different parts of the world, particularly — since I’m partial to Asian cultures, and being single, ladies of Asian descent — tales of Asian vampires, or if not precisely that, things that go bump at night that resemble them in some details, like a bad habit of quaffing the bodily fluids or life-force of the living for some.

Not that there’s any such thing as a life-force, much less anything that sucks it out of you, mind you, but that’s neither here nor there.

Whether it’s the Penanggalan of Indonesia, the Manananggal and the Aswang of my most favoritest country, the Philippines, or really weird ones like the Chinese Qingshih, the geographic isolation, at least for centuries past, in regions of Asia have led to some very interesting examples of cultural drift and colorful traditions and superstitions, and I don’t believe for a second that there’s any such thing as a truly universal and generic culture with a set of legends and mythology that really speaks for them all.

That’s my view, at any rate…

So right now I’m going to be going over books on bloodsucker lore from lots of different cultures, and note, rather than commonalities, since those are few, but the distinctions and variety of the different traditions concerning these creatures.

I’ll close with a note: at one point, just as a joke, I came up with a sort of undead bloodsucking sheep, the *groan* Lambpire, which may have been unconsciously inspired by Twitterer @Tao23’s “venomous sheep” idea, but which I never got to use in a game, and that may have been a good thing….

Oh, and just to show that I’m not completely out of touch with popular culture: My opinion, however unfounded it may be, is that vampires that sparkle are just silly.

That is all.

What Accent do I Have?

What American accent do you have?

Your Result: The Inland North

You may think you speak “Standard English straight out of the dictionary” but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like “Are you from Wisconsin?” or “Are you from Chicago?” Chances are you call carbonated drinks “pop.”

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What American accent do you have?
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