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Rocks Are The Silent Historians


Since I was two years old I have been a proud member the word’s most honoured and rarefied profession; that of Rock Collector.

When the United States of America decided to expand the horizons and capabilities of the human species it chose rock collectors to lead the way.

Don’t believe me?

Perhaps you’ll believe my fellow pilot and rock collector Neil Armstrong.

Here’s a photograph of Neil Armstrong doing what we do best; collecting rocks and looking cool doing it!


It is incredibly moving and sobering to know that when you are holding a rock in your hand you are holding something that has existed for billions of years before you were born and will exist for billions of years after you have gone.

When you hold a rock in your hand you are connecting yourself to both the past and the future.

Rocks are the silent historians.

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We live in an imperfect world…

Checkerboards of The Gods

Los Desastres de la Guerra is a set of 80 aqua... Los Desastres de la Guerra is a set of 80 aquatint prints created by Francisco Goya in the 1810s. Plate 9: No quieren. (They do not want to. ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If wishing made something so, if desire by itself granted its object, then no hope, no desire, no wish, no prayer to a deity would ever go unfulfilled, and words for ‘disappointment’ or ‘rejection’ wouldn’t exist in the vocabulary of any language, for no love would be unrequited, and no personal nor conspiratorial plans would ever fail.


All would be perfect in the world. Everything would run smoothly, just like we want it to. But that is not what we see. It does not appear, as far as any real evidence shows, that there is anyone at all fully running or orchestrating this whole mess we call a world. Disappointment is frequent, faith unrewarded, our hopes often…

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Why I’m not “Staunch”

Checkerboards of The Gods

I cannot intuitively understand why staunch adherence to ideology and partisanship should be considered virtues. “Staunch” to me equates to a tendency for stubbornly dogmatic, inflexible, and often dangerously reactionary thinking.

That’s the impression I get from people who defensively boast of just how staunch they are when they talk politics among those who already agree with them, trying to score tribal recognition points. It’s funny that more and more public political talk involves preaching to the choir, no real discourse at all, just sounding in an echo chamber.

I suppose that I could formulate reasons why staunchness might be considered virtuous, and comprehend those reasons intellectually, but it seems innately senseless to me, and any arguments I might use to justify it would be pretty poor given my understanding of our collective human experience with ideological extremism.

My own view is that, no, partisan loyalty and staunch devotion to…

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