Call Bulletins 2015.03.09

Welp, I’ve gone ahead and deleted six of my WordPress blogs after the end of an interesting trial period. The experiment is over, and my sites the Impudent Algorithm, the Hypershard Dispatches, the Gods of Terra, We are the Wavetouched, the Exohuman Journal, and sadly enough, I am Troythulu, have all gone the way of the dinosaurs. They’re extinct, defunct, gone, obliterated, destroyed, though I have exported their post files for possible future use.

Only the Call, the Collect Call, the Checkerboards, and My Horrific Elegance remain for the foreseeable future. I’ve updated the themes for the Call and the Checkerboards, and this morning will finish that with the Collect Call and my Tumblr page.

Come the end of 2015, I may be exporting the Call’s and the Checkerboards’s best content over to the Collect Call once things are arranged, and shift my main blogging efforts there. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’ll be poking about familiarizing myself with better use of categories on WordPress in case I change my mind. Reducing my blogs in number will let me better consolidate my efforts over fewer sites and provide less temptation for lazy blogging than has been the case.

Talotaa frang.

Call Bulletins 2015.02.16: This Year of New Things

I’ve noticed a tendency for certain blogging habits of mine that have cropped up over the last year, and this one as well. There’s been a tendency to rely overmuch on posts scheduled for particular days of the week.

There’s also been a destructive tendency for scheduling too-frequent video entries on this and other of my blogs, especially of material not my own.

Because of my study endeavors and life situations, I’m no longer blogging as actively as I have in the past. So I’ve produced less written material than might otherwise be the case, given that I blog without pay and currently have less time to do so.

I can’t promise to post regularly, especially across multiple blogs, but shall post material if — only if — and when I have it complete and ready, while cutting back on videos made by others except when particularly apt or necessary.

I’ll get more scheduling time when circumstances allow, even if I must bribe my psycho fluffy feline furniture-destroyers with a bit of ‘nip to stay out of my desk chair when I need to write.

I’ve got some things planned for the blogs this year, including a page on most of them tentatively titled “Stuff Kai’Siri Say,” on words, phrases, and other elements of the language and culture, currently under development, of my fictional alien humans, the Kai’Siri. That includes poetry styles and forms particular to the culture, giving me a good opportunity to really flesh them out for my fiction. Information on their factions, history, ethnic groups and illustrations of clothing styles will be added to the page as completed.

I’m rewriting parts of “Dirge” and making voice recordings for narrating it myself, which practicing on my vocal control during the recording sessions. Once I’m done with “Dirge,” I’ll post it for a limited time on this blog as a free ePub zip file shortly before self-publishing the final draft for Kindle and other platforms.

On those blogs I publish poetry on, I’ll be expanding the Poetry Styles & Forms page to include new kinds of poetry when those are published, and those lately published but not currently described.

At some point, I may update the themes of all of the blogs, mostly with new header and background images, and will definitely be updating the topical themes of each blog as needed, depending on how each evolves over the coming year.

There’s more to come, come what may of this New Year, this Year of New Things. I’ll see you then, and thanks for clicking on me.

Talotaa frang.

Call Bulletins: 2014.11.07

Well, so far so good, the current blogging policy is working well with life issues and my study schedule, even when I’m alternating study periods between three languages and still making progress. Alternation is needed to avoid the worst effects of cognitive interference in both learning and recall.

I must prioritize because I’m horrible at multitasking, and worse at it the more I do it. So there.

Here is the current setup on posting specific topical entries on some of my blogs, and these will be amended in both future Bulletins and on the subject matter page of each of the relevant blogs when those are finished:

Thursday Impudence: (Blog: The Impudent Algorithm) Usually a video or webcomic installment, this will be posted regularly when possible, server allowing, each Thursday, usually at 12:00 AM EST. Preparation and scheduling usually take place on the weekends, or whenever I have free time otherwise.

Indra’s Pearls: (Blog: The Impudent Algorithm) This ongoing review series and chapter by chapter commentary on the book of the same name will be readied and scheduled for the last day of each month at 12:00 AM or PM EST.

Friga’s Day Flash Fiction: (Blogs: Currently the Call of Troythulu or Checkerboards of the Gods for my WordPress sites) This will be scheduled fdor one or both blogs when completed material is ready for publishing, usually between 12:00 AM and PM EST each Friday.

Wordless Wotan’s Day: (Blogs: Currently on the Call of Troythulu or Checkerboards of the Gods) This is now scheduled for one or both blogs each Wednesday between 12:00 AM and PM EST when ready material is available. This usually consists of a personal video, a photograph or two, or some combination. Very, very rarely with commentary, as per the point of the title.

Cat Thursday: (Blogs: Currently the Call of Troythulu or Checkerboards of the Gods, sometimes both at once) This is now scheduled for the early morning on either site, usually video, image, or both, between 12:00 AM and PM each Thursday.

Fractal(s) of the Week (or Day, or Month): (Blog: Mostly on the Call of Troythulu) This is prescheduled sometimes alternating with or sharing posting date with Wordless Wotan’s Day. The Call is the site most appropriate for this kind of entry, and got its start there. Publishing time will vary between 12:00 AM and PM EST. I usually set this up about a week or more in advance when suitable images can be freshly generated.

The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup: (Blogs: Mostly on the Call of Troythulu, projected for other sites, but currently on a publishing hiatus) This will be scheduled when it returns in new installments once I decide a good format for it, and specifics of content each week. Some of the material posted with it will be time-sensitive, so care is needed in readying it for posting. The time for popping up online when scheduled should be between 1:00 AM and 12:00 PM EST, on Saturdays, alternating or sharing time with…

…Caturday’s Astrophenia: (Blogs: Mostly on the Call of Troythulu, possibly the Checkerboards of the Gods at some point. Currently also on a publishing hiatus until I finalize content and format.) This will have time-sensitive material, usually on astroscience/astronautics topic matter, with Cats for ze Caturday, published of course on Saturdays at between 1:00 AM and 12:00 PM.

MetaCognitions: (Blogs: Mostly the Checkerboards of the Gods) This has a very irregular format and posting schedule and can publish at any hour of any day of the week, save Saturday or Sunday, when I currently post rarely until setting up and preparing the two installments immediately above.

(Insert blog shorthand here.) Bulletins: My installment of announcements, tips, brags, and blogging heads-ups, this also has an irregular publishing schedule, posted for whenever it is needed on its eponymous blog, for any hour of the day or night.

Other topical entries are still being worked on, and these will be announced once I finalize the layout, content and publishing schedule of each. There are also those atypical entries and I’ll not neglect those!

But all entries, as I’ve said elsewhere, are to be set up and scheduled when complete and proofed rather than my pushing the Publish button while still in an insomnia-fogged haze in the wee hours of the morning. This works out nicely, as it lets me blog and do stuff offline as well.

That’s it so far, and thanks for clicking on this site. Enjoy your stay, O cosmic peeps!

Call Bulletins: 2014/10/20

MB3d17864764As I said in this post, I’ve got good things planned for the blogs, and part of that includes improving the content and being more welcoming to a wider diversity of new readers in the tone of what I post. Now, I could be thought of as an atheist, or an agnostic, but that matters not as I don’t invest much importance in labels.

I’ve grown somewhat over the evolution of this blog and my views have also evolved.

I do not see myself as an anti-theist, and I can no longer stomach an antagonistic approach to religion for my own part. I find it doesn’t work, and whatever I may think of the truth of a given religion’s claims, I no longer think of religion alone as the great evil it’s made out to be.

I’m not like Carl Sagan by any stretch, but there’s something to be said for his approach. It worked, for one thing.  It even worked on a certain ex-paranormal/ex-Fundamentalist believer now blogging, fractalin’ hard, and sporting a Lovecraftian moniker.

The people I’ve met on this blog and family, believers and those not-so-believing, all of them brilliant, and others over the years have influenced my views since beginning blogging in 2008.

There are also prominent members, and still-prominent ex-members, of the skeptical and secular communities whom I shall no longer support on this or any other sites I own. So I’m removing material from this site, especially entries on overly and too-enthusiastically critical of religion and the God question, which I’ve written in this blog’s earlier days and work to clean up this mess of a site.

By its absence ye shall know it…

I know: “Once you post on the internet, it’s there forever,” the saying goes. But it’s to send the message that I no longer support those views, that kind of clumsy, heavy-handed approach, or that kind of content by eliminating it from this site wherever on the Web it may yet remain. I expect that some of it will always be somewhere online.

Just not here.

I’ll still keep much of this blog’s content, taking down only the inflammatory and hamfistedly critical material, and I’ll continue posting on this site. I’m also considering in time moving my main blogging over to another site, though not for at least another year. I’ll make that announcement more specific once I’ve decided, but I don’t plan on deleting this blog, not anytime soon.

This is still a skeptical blog, but I want to shift toward positive science advocacy and careful, measured criticism when criticism is needed at all, on secular or skeptical issues. Of course, the fractals shall continue to be a big part of this blog’s content.

This blog will never be perfect. But it can be better than it is, and that’s what I’ll strive for.

Talotaa frang.

The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup: 2014/08/24

English: Photo by E. O. Hoppe of author Sir Ar...

English: Photo by E. O. Hoppe of author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle seated, eyes downcast, in reflective pose. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

G’day, and happy Sunday! This week has been interesting so far. I’ve recently started a file on my Gods of Terra setting material, starting with blog drafts from across my sites, and while the first part of that project is finished, pending a more extensive draft of ALL current material, I’ve discovered errors, grievous ones, in some of the original blogs used for the file.

Those articles, mostly the remaining Eldritch Nine articles I’ve posted, have been taken offline for correction and further proofing before reposting them.

The reblogged versions of those posts will also be corrected when the originals are finished.

I’ll also put the About page back up when it’s finished, and no sooner.

Tamil study is coming along wonderfully now, as I no longer butcher the pronunciation of the vowels and consonants quite so badly as at first. Progress is mandatory, and I’m penning the draft for the piece on the mnemonics I’m using to learn the language’s abugida, its alpha-syllabary script, which looks absolutely gorgeous to my eye, but then, I’m biased.

This week, Monday will see the next posting of the updated Indra’s Pearls entry, and the beginning of new lectures now that I’m halfway through a course module despite delays from annoying moody spells. Nevermind that, though.

This week is looking up, and maybe, just maybe, I can convince Mr Eccles and Rockykins to not try taking over the world…We’ll see!



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