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Welcome, O Gnoo Kitteh: Willow the Pillow

A few days ago, my family adopted a fourth cat to add to our menagerie of beasts, the lovely and amazingly fluffy Willow. About as heavy, and even wider than Rockykins, our older male, Willow rounds out our cats as the second female, after Gorgeous. She’s a lap-moggie like Rocky, only more prone to hissing at other cats, with an amazingly sweet disposition toward humans. Maine coon, or Norwegian forest cat? I’m not sure, though she’s big enough for either, or both, and may have something in her bag of tricks for Mr Eccles should he foolishly attempt to jump on her head or chase her fluffeh tail!

Long live Willow the Pillow!

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The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup for Caturday, 2013/05/04

It appears that my college funding is safe for now — the annoyingly urgent appointment this week has been taken care of, giving me some time before other matters need attending to…

So far, I’ve finished 12 lessons in my course module in only two weeks, taking care of some essentials needed to make it in whatever college study is pursued, either online or in a live classroom environment.

I’ve been doing some fractals, of course, but mostly as a reward after study to better motivate myself — Oh, yes, and watching Doctor Who as well, going through season six, on my way to the current eps.

I’d like to spend a bit next week doing more editing on my story draft and a few ideas I’ve been playing around with for blog posts. There’s a tension going on between posting on skeptical topics and posting on things that interest me that aren’t, well, very skepticky. Not good.

That’s something that needs to be resolved.

I may not be able to blog regularly once college starts, but I’ve until the 20th of this month to enroll. Come then and afterward, I’ll post whenever reasonably possible, but lessons come before blogging depending on what the course load turns out. We’ll see.

I will keep in contact with my online community of peeps, despite my absolutely horrid social skills. You guys (and gals) are special, even if we don’t chat regularly — Who would have guessed that people I’ve never seen in real time could be so awesome?

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And Still They Move (w/Ann Druyan)

The Weekly Gnuz & Lynx Roundup for Caturday, 2013/04/06

Mr Eccles beholds a fractal universe...

Mr Eccles beholds a fractal universe…

G’day. This Eostre week saw an annoying bit of illness on my family’s part…Every one of us has at some point gotten sick, possibly a cold or something, including moi, so I’ve mostly been staying indoors, save time at the local library earlier today making fractals.

Speaking of that, I’ve started up again with MB3D for generating new images using some of the ideas I’ve had in the meantime while minding the cats and generally taking care of the house.

The dental appointment went well, except that I may have to have work done at some point, the funding needs of which may preclude my entry to college for this summer — Grrr! — I might have to rely on video courses if I’m forced to delay live or online college enrollment, but we’ll see…

I’ve started on Massimo Pigliucci’s new book, ‘Answers for Aristotle’ and learned some very interesting things while foraging amongst its pages — I’ll post a review when I’m done — it’s very good, and I’ve already given it 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

But things are looking well, all things considered, so with this post I end another great week of blogging, and wish you all the best this upcoming week!

Stay brilliant!

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We Can Haz Teh Gnoo Kitteh — She’s Gorgeous — SRSLY!

We have a new addition to our menagerie of feline buddies, and here’s the latest, our female, Gorgeous…

As my Twitter friend @chaosagent23 said, she is so fluffeh! — and so laid-back! — a new friend for Doctor Mew…

All hail the latest of our feline masters…Kilrathi (or K’zinti for that matter) have nothing on our cats!

Teh Kittehz R on teh Go

Cuteness achieves critical mass with what appear to be either Persian or maybe lilacpoint or bluepoint Himalayan cats. The larger one reminds me almost of old Sammy, save for the fluffier tail. Mega awwwww factor for this one…


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