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TED – Marco Tempest: A magical tale (with augmented reality)

Project Alpha Lookback w/Michael Edwards

The Amazing One and Mike Edwards reminisce about scientists who were convinced that they couldn’t be fooled…and were, by a couple of kids who were good with conjuring skills…

Jerry Andrus’ A Lifetime of Magic

Keith Barry does brain magic

This is an awesome display of mentalism at its best, and not pretending to be anything paranormal, but just good psychology.

James Randi: Thoughts About God

The Amazing Randi gives his thoughts from a refreshing perspective of modesty that Troythulu can only hope to emulate (being this blog’s resident Eldritch Entity™ only does so much for one’s humility…) on the topic of religion and religious belief, and why he suspects they came about, what purpose they originally served, and to some perhaps still serve. The discussion about driving animals, like dogs, nuts with conjuring tricks he performs, is amusing and illuminating with it’s implications that human cognitive limits are not so different from those of other species, with surprising parallels between us and them. It’s cool how the uniqueness of humans is seeming not so unique after all.


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