The Call’s Gnuz & Lynx Roundup | 2015.07.26

As of this morning, I’ve finished all but two study units with a review of all completed units (12 of them) to follow this final week of July. There’re a few things that need to get done, but with the current rate of activity, those should be of little worry.

I’ve been tackling tasks without a to-do list and mostly without timers, a thing I wish was the case with my now-defunct blogs…

…Those were fun experiments, but my health and energy-levels at the time were not up to the task of maintaining them at any reasonable level of quality.

In any case, the last few weeks of posting since the end of my most recent blogging hiatus look very promising, and I’ll endeavor to maintain a decent posting schedule at least for this blog, and soon the others I own.

There is much to that can be said for one’s stamina when opportunities for regular exercise are available and taken.

May you all that a fantastic new week and end of this July. I hope what follows is at least as good as it has been so far, or is that just an appeal to inductive reasoning?… ;-)

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The Call’s Gnuz & Lynx Roundup | 2015.07.19

IMG_2401Whelp, the previous has been an excellent week, with much done and yet more to be done in the coming days. It’s one of those silly American things — we tend toward a ‘doing’ culture rather than a ‘being’ culture, and this causes us no end of trouble!

Even with the ongoing mindfulness training, the need to keep busy is still there, rearing its ugly atomic death-ray breathing head when activity falls below a certain point.

This coming evening, I shall have completed the intended study units for Bengali, before working on those to round out lessons for this month.

At this point, I would obviously come off as a foreigner to a native speaker, but with practice, I’ll better manage my dental and retroflex consonants, and the nasalized vowels (important for polite-sounding pronouns!). There are consonantal conjuncts to learn, letters and sounds I’ve yet to master, and I’ve little doubt that a Bengali preteen could outdo me in fluency! I’ve had experience with learning new languages since high school, but I’m no polyglot, so I must work at it :-)

May your week from here on be brilliant, your mood high, and your stress-levels low!

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