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Imagining the Tenth Dimension part 1 & 2

Now this is neat! While it’s probably not possible for our 3-D monkey brains to literally visualize four or more spacetime dimensions (the fourth being duration, in addition to the three of length, width and depth…) this cool little pair of videos provides useful step-by-step suggestions for conceiving of them, since nothing about higher dimensions prevents us from thinking about them, and this video is ample evidence of that. It’s really mind-expanding (and without recreational pharmaceuticals, I might add…) to think about things like this, especially when given the conceptual tools to do it. Science and math…gotta love ’em!


Michio Kaku on the Moon

ThisWeekinScience | August 30, 2010

Thanks to Stephen Michael Kellat for this question on going to the moon. Hear what Dr. Michio Kaku had to say about it to Dr. Kiki in this quick segment from a 2008 interview. Distributed by Tubemogul.

The Space Elevator

The Space Elevator will reduce the cost of getting from earth to space. It will also allow us to take very large payloads into space very easily, very safely. Because of that, we can build cities on the moon. We can build space stations. We can build large solar arrays in space to collect energy from the sun and beam it down to earth.

How would space elevator affect the average person?

Through for example much faster telecommunication rates — you can have any kind of data rates you want, and videophones will be as common as a cell phone. And the solar power energy we’ll collect can relieve our dependence on oil. That in itself will change a lot of things it will reduce pollution and it will change world politics, hopefully even stopping some of the conflicts.