100,000 Steely Gazes and Onward on the Call!

This blog has just exceeded 100,000 page views just into its 4th year, far, far more than I could ever expect given my blogging habits, and all because of you, my fantastic readers.

To celebrate, I’m presenting here the link to my first E-book*, The Call of Troythulu: Favorite Original Posts of 2009calloftroythulu2009

I’m currently working on the compilations for 2010 and 2011 as well, and you can expect their completion within the month.

Thank you so much, you totally awesome people – BwaHaHaHaHa! *waves tentacles*

*Damn. Sorry peeps, I forgot to add that the book is free! My bad.

Taking a Breaky…Slowing Down a Wee Bit…

I’ll be taking a hiatus on posting here for a few days after this entry is queued to pop up online, since I have been getting a little sloppy in my presentation of material on this site (again!): I’ve just noticed, and had to correct the fact, that I didn’t complete the title of yesterday’s Web Links Sceptique, failing put the post’s issue date after the “for” in the permalink header.

The mere fact that I posted it in the wee hours of the morning is no excuse, and it embarrasses me to no end when this happens. :(

I think I post more often than is healthy for me on this site, and lately it shows.

I’m going to slow down a bit, though of course I’m keeping this site active, so I can put more time into my studies, working on my novella (NOT ones named Steve, Bob & Jay, I might add…), and a free E-Book I’m working on for publishing on this site collecting my best self-written posts on the Call through 2009.

There’s a lot of real world stuff that needs to be dealt with more directly, since things like studying and raising a rapidly-embiggening kitten can be a damper on one’s free time, time often spent blogging.

Also, you all, or most of you at least, I’ll assume have real lives and maybe follow several other blogs, so this will be a bit less of a strain on your inboxes, less stuff to keep track of, freeing up more of your time for all of those essential things YOU need to get done.

Thank you all, my kind, gentle, and constructively critical readers, I’m hoping this will be a win/win situation for all of us.

Alea Iacta Est: This Site’s 1st Giveaway has Concluded!

As an old-school tabletop gamer, I’ve a penchant for rolling weird dice, and was originally going to use a d20 to determine the winner of the Call’s first giveaway contest for a copy of Margaret Wertheim’s book Physics on the Fringe.

Well, the way things went with the contest entries I thought that a d24 would be more appropriate, with the contestants’ names taken in alphabetical order and each assigned a number, so… *shake* *shake* *roll* *clatter* the winner is…

…Cheryl Volz!

Congrats, Cheryl. I’ll get with you soon to work out shipping arrangements, maybe on Facebook, and thank you VERY much to everyone else who participated.

It’s been a blast!

I’d also like to thank those of you who subscribed, commented, rated or clicked the “like” buttons on entries, reblogged posts on your own sites, and in other ways made this blog an absolute scream to post on during this far-too-brief three years, for an unprofessional dabbler like myself in science geekery and philosophical nerdist topics, an Annoyer of Worlds with more friends than I deserve.

You all have my gratitude and appreciation for the evolution of this blog and its content over time, and I hope to keep things interesting in this site’s promotion of science, skepticism, the occasional posts on critical thinking and yes, my gratuitous fractal artwork and occasional barely coherent rambles, as I improve my clarity of thought and reasoning, such as that sometimes is.

Practice makes you-know-what, after all.

This will probably be my last post for 2011, with updating to resume after the next 72 hours.

I’ve got studying and writing projects, some dealing with this blog’s content, some for furthering my education, and some for fiction I’m working on, so I need to refine the material and do the research required for accuracy.

I’m rather confident that the world will still be here throughout and beyond next year, so silly pseudo-Mayan prophecies notwithstanding, you won’t be rid of me that easily.

Peace out, Peeps. It’s terrific to have met you!

Or as my totally made-up extraterrestrial hominid race, the Kai’Siri, would say…

Talotaa fraang! Togma’uuta vas!

It’s Been a Crazy Year on the Call: 3rd Blogoversary

Well, here it is, the third anniversary of this site, launched during a gaming session this day in 2008, and with both the ups and downs, the joy and the sadness, it’s been a fantastic three years that I’ve been posting my crap, meeting incredible people, and expanding my social networking more than in the previous two years.

2011 for me has been the year of the cat, in both bad and good ways:

One of my favorite sites to visit was deleted by it’s owner only this last March, for reasons which I shall respect as I respect the awesome blogger who owned it…

Farewell =^Skeptic Cat^=

…while another of my cats passed away, old Mistykins, the second to go in as many years…

Goodbye, Mistykins...

but we also adopted a new kitten, the diabolical Mister Eccleston, named in a fit of T.S. Elliot and Doctor Who fandom, who is even now sharpening his claws and playing with his toys on my bedroom carpet in anticipation of more roughhousing amusement at the expense of my soon to be shredded hands!

Yay! Mister Eccles!

Also, this year marks the first giveaway contest for this site, of a new, hardback copy of Margaret Wertheim’s book, Physics on the Fringe: smoke rings, circlons, and alternative theories of everything, ending at 12:00 this morning, with the winner to be announced later this day.

My being a gamer, the winner shall be chosen by a roll of polyhedral dice after a number has been assigned to each contestant’s name(I’m looking at a d20 here…). The winner will be contacted by email, and I’ll set up the delivery arrangements then.

This last year has been a blast, and I hope that the coming new year will be better for all of us, at the very least a door for new opportunities, a fresh start, a clean slate, as a year yet to unfold should be.

Terry, Kate, _C_A_T_, TFIY, Carl, Dan, Kriss, Aliman, Marty, Cheryl, Laurie, Gideon, Diane, Katherine, and all those of you not mentioned who’ve commented, all this site’s subscribers who make this blog the adventure to post on it is, I wouldn’t…couldn’t… do this without you, so thank you, from the bottom of my eldritch heart!

[Last paragraph updated as of 12:54 am Dec 28, 2011]

It’s Time for the Call’s 3rd Blogoversary & its first Giveaway!

As of December 28, this will be my third full year of posting on this site, and I’d like to show the appreciation I have for you all, my kind, fantastic, and brilliant readers, by hosting this site’s first giveaway contest, the prize being a new copy of science-writer Margaret Wertheim’s recent book, Physics on the Fringe: Smoke Rings, Circlons, and Alternative Theories of Everything.

For those interested in participating, you can email me at any of the addresses on the Contact Me page of this site, in the Comments section of this post, or on Twitter by mentioning @Troythulu, all with the following message copied and pasted in your entry:

“Yes, I’d like to enter to the first giveaway contest on the Call of Troythulu to win a copy of Margaret Wertheim’s new book, Physics on the Fringe.”

This contest will conclude as of December 28, whereupon a random drawing will be held to determine the winner, and I’ll arrange shipping to the winner via email correspondence or direct message on Twitter.

You people make this site what it is… So have a great holiday this month, and to the extent that it actually exists… good luck!

Preparations for the 3rd Blogoversary

Hey, people. There have been a few changes to the site over the last few days, with more to come in preparation for the Call’s 3rd anniversary and my first giveaway celebration for you, my amazing subscribers, whether by mailing lists, RSS feeds, newsreaders, and those direct visitors from locales elsewhere in the silicon data-hives of the web.

This blog’s been online since December 28, 2008, though the archives have been shifted forward in time a bit, and it’s gotten over 91,900 page views, 1,300 posts and 1,105 comments since I’ve started it.

And it couldn’t have happened without all of you.

As an evolving experiment in free-form writing and learning experience, and to promote science and reason, posting on this site has been an absolute joy for me, and so have all of you.

Thanks to those of you who actually take the time to read my stuff and comment on it, whether videos, text, links or on-site images.

I hope to keep things interesting, and to continue to refine the quality of presentation of both this site and its posts.

Again, thank you. I’m humbled (such as that sometimes is) by you all.