Meat Virus Fractal [animation] & Fractal Dreams

via Jan-Robert Nergård

I’m going to plug a book by my friend Janet Russell, AKA BuddhaKat: Fractal Dreams, collecting some of her exceedingly cool fractals, with a few shown below as a slideshow. Check out her blog, here:

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Magnificent! The Known Universe by AMNH… [Repost]

This is the simulator done by the American Museum of Natural History, in conjunction with the world-wide work of many others.

It is an outstanding example of multinational academic cooperation, and to me brings hope for our future as a species, however precarious that may be for the next century or two.

Things like this are reasons why I consider myself a citizen of the Earth, not just of a single nation.

It *could* just be coincidence — by QualiaSoup [Repost]

Some things to consider if you’ve ever had something seemingly “inexplicable” happen, and why such events aren’t so strange after all, as it would be truly strange if they didn’t happen as often as they do!