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OMCC, this is good. Not to give too much away, but here’s not just Ike Newton and Bill Nye, but Tay Zonday as someone with his own brand of scientific badassitude near the end…

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Biggest Dinosaur Ever to Walk the Earth? Maybe…

English: Illustration of the small theropod di...

English: Illustration of the small theropod dinosaur Microraptor zhaoianus by Matt Martyniuk. Graphite and digital. Based upon skeletal reconstructions by Scott Hartman and figures provided in: Xu, X., Zhou, Z., Wang, X., Kuang, X., Zhang, F. and Du, X. (2003). “Four-winged dinosaurs from China.” Nature, 421(6921): 335-340, 23 Jan 2003. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a recent paleontological find in Argentina, this one an enormous (presumably) sauropod dinosaur suspected to the the largest on record…

Maybe, but maybe not. Let’s look a bit more before we conclude that just yet. Even the researchers urge caution with this, and that’s good.

I’ve always loved dinosaurs since I was a kid, and in recent decades they’ve gotten to be incredibly cool, scary, and kick-ass. Even with feathers, these creatures are awesome, with my personal favorite being the comparatively tiny four-winged Microraptor. FOUR wings! Take that, Sam the Eagle!

Now, I agree that this latest find is impressive, and the case for it being the biggest looking more solid than previous contenders. But even as an enthusiastic layman, I can’t help but wonder a few less reputable media outlets are being hyperbolic, though to the credit of some, a few are advocating caution as well. Note the use scare quotes in the article linked to above.

Bully for them. And bully for the researchers who discovered this monstrosity, too, for avoiding ‘press conference’ science. More findings with more complete specimens are needed. But the truth is more interesting than hyperbole, as it’s often stranger still.

We shall see.

If this pans out, it would be so damnably neat! This thing with head raised could be taller than a Macross Zentradi standing at attention, at a current estimate of 65′ in height, only much more physically plausible than giant humanoids in dilapidated Oldtech spaceships and battlepods.

I’m interested in poking around to see how the Creationists will spin this, after all, there’s been probably been time enough for the poo to fling, and fling it usually does!

But once they pin down enough to really describe what this critter is like, what will they call it?

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