Troithulu is my pseudonymous handle, coined by kickass SF writer S.A. Barton at a long-defunct gaming and comics shop many years ago. This and my other blogs are experiments in free-form writing, and generally sharing my views on a number of topics, including scientific skepticism and a love for those jagged little forms known as fractals.

I have a complicated relationship to the word skeptic, with deep issues concerning labels, so I sometimes refer to myself as a skeptical humanist, while my current preferred term is weird skeptic, as I’m not much of a joiner when it comes to membership in any organization.

I believe in and strive toward both scientific skepticism as a methodology, and in humanist ethics and ideals.

While there are certain “thought leaders” (as if a collection of social movements with a reputation for being as difficult to organize as herding cats could have leaders…) in the various atheist and skeptical communities I’d truly rather not be associated with, there are also those critical thinkers and science communicators I’m proud to call comrades, associates, fellow travellers, and friends.

I neither claim to be particularly rational nor all that logical, as those are things I strive for, a process directed toward accepting and knowing more true things and believing fewer false things, of better apprehending reality and distinguishing it from fantasy, however enjoyable the latter may be in fiction.

Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy your stay.

10 thoughts on “Troithulu

  1. Benjamin Steele

    “and as an opportunity for the author to indulge himself in gratuitous opinionating, occasional arrogant and condescending diatribes, and random flashes of creativity.”

    That last part of your self-description could apply to me as well. If someone took away my gratuitous opinionating, I don’t know what I’d have left. I would be a sad shell of a man.


  2. Just wanted to say, I ran across your blog today, and if the rest of your posts as as good as the first one I have read (and will be re-posting later this week with all due credit given to you of course), then it seems I’ll be spending just a little bit more time each day reading blogs (son of a bitch, I already read too many, I guess showering is gonna have be the next part of life I have to cut out)…

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  3. It is fantastic You remind me an American friend of mine with dyslexia in childhood and IQ 145 who cannot tolerate the stupidity of the masses and moved to rural area of China where he as a tall and handsome foreigner treated with adoration and respect from the short in stature and intelligence peasants. He has a driver, a housekeeper and massage therapist ( a girl), everything for 1500 bucks a month!


    1. Thanks, Kheleya. I’ll have to revise this page, then. It seems I may not have thought out the font/image mix well enough to maximize readability. With your comment, I’ll get to work on that soon.


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